Random Freezes

Just experienced another random freeze on flying a short flight from YBCS to YPGV. I also experienced this on my way to Keflavic the other day. However what I find strange is I can perform many flights fine, for example a 14 hour flight to Los angeles with no issues. I believe this could be a network issue more than anything. Could this still be related to how my device is running the game?

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Try lowering the graphics, and/or disabling anti-ailiasing if the app is freezing even thought there is strong network connection.

Yes, however I lean to poor wifi due to the fact I’m not at home, and may not have the best wifi where I am right now.

Limiting frame rate will help with these freezes.

While poor WiFi can be a culprit, that will effect your in game interactions such as seeing other aircraft, the terrain and search functions.

Freezes are primarily due to device capabilities.

I have that checked I believe. Why would some flights cause it to freeze and some not? Only just started happening now, never had it before with the same settings.

I was having the same issue on both my recent flights and when I try to control a busy airport. I have all settings on low and aircraft count on low. Using an iPad Air 2.

Yeah probably weak WiFi and network problems

Possibly wifi, never had the issues before.

Try clearing you ram.

Alright, I have no apps open, but I may be able to delete some I don’t need. Would that help?

It’s a bugger when it does that! I’ve done that flight many times on IF and IRL. Good choice of flight route. My old town YPGV.

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What’s your device, OS, and IF version?
From my experience, a poor connection can cause freezes.

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