Random fpl generator flight!

Yesterday I was bored and asked you guys what routes that you guys wanted me to do so @Jelmer_de_Vries1 told me that there is a random flight plan generator website and I used it and got KBOS-KBWI 737-800 Southwest.

Loading up at the gate

Taking off with a nice tower shot as well

Turning on fix to main stretch

Cruising at FL320

A nice wingshot on final

Landing with the nice KBWI terminals and tower

Parked at the gate

This is also for @Butterman25 , he also helped me get ideas so thanks!

Hope you enjoyed!


Nice pictures!

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Yes! Thanks @Butterman25 ! You helped contribute to this flight yesterday!

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Great pictures! The 6th one is my favourite.


Thanks! I think most people here like the building shots