Random Flights to do

I am making this post because I just need some flights to do in Infinite Flight. If you would like me to do a flight of your choice, please write it down. I will just need the route, airline and plane. Please be realistic and make sure this is a real flight irl. I will take photos for every flight and post it on this topic. JFK is my favorite airport btw

*These Flights are only the ones suggested

Short Haul Flights I Have Done:

Medium Haul Flights I Have Done:

Long Haul Flights I Have Done:



Theses are some routes I like.

JFK - São Paulo

Could you please write the airline and aircraft

American Airlines - B772

New-York (KJFK) - Singapore (WSSS)
Singapor Airlines : A350
Long haul flight

I have done this route end it was cool

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Any Short/Medium Haul Flights?

KJFK-TTPP Caribbean Airlines B738
Medium Haul
Yoi should try this @Kiran_Mehta

A fun short-haul I like to do to is KSFO-KSEA, in an Alaska Airlines 737-800

Cairns (YBCS) to Sydney (YSSY)
Qantas 737-800

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Once i flew RPLL-RPUB in a PAL Express dash 8, the 3d editing on RPUB is absolutely beautiful

EFHK-WSSS (Finnair A350)
Some short haul:
WSSS-VHHH (SQ350 or 777)

Have done these route and its pretty fun

LAS-HPN! Breeze A220. Good route

Another idea is a short hop from EWR-SCE on the United Express CRJ-550 (Use generic CRJ-700), operated by GoJet. I think the flight time is only about 35 minutes at max

For a short one KLAX-KSFO is great with brilliant scenery (this one has probably been mentioned already tho)


Amsterdam Schipol to Saint Marteen in KLM’S 747-4


Classic route! Gets kinda busy at times, especially out of LAX and SFO, but it definitely keeps you on your toes. Climb, Reach cruising altitude for a few minutes and start descending already!

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Yeah, did it today and it really fun

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Burbank - SFO
Southwest 737, flight time is about 50 minutes

KJFK - EGLL is always a classic with the B744

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