Random Flight Generator

I have built a basic Excel which generates a flight path from all of the maps using all of the BLUE locations. If you pick a Bravo airport in a region is suggests another Bravo to fly to. If you select a Delta it suggests a Delta, Charlie or Bravo airport etc. I have also segregated the Military airports so the random generator may select a Military air field to a target military airfield.

My own primary objective is to fly out of each BLUE airport (which does not have grass) and gain experience by doing so. I was wondering if anyone else was interested?


I have uploaded the Excel file. This is what I use to select my flight challenge. No need for a virtual airline. Your challenge is decided by fate! Simply click on the button and your From and To destinations are given along with a matching plane. Enjoy.


Please review and provide feedback. You will need to switch macros on.

Just in case you forgot this ONLY works on a Windows PC.


Wow not a single response. I guess everyone is playing ‘follow the leader’. Are there no takers to try out an app to present a different challenge each flight?

This definitely sounds interesting. I don’t have Windows on me at the moment but will give it a go later :)

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Front page cleaned up to include more info about Airports used in flight and plane info

Update to include airplane parabola including take off and landing profiles. Still waiting for feedback. Guess no-one uses PCs anymore :(

I find this a great idea, i’m going back home to my pc soon, and I think this will truely be great :)

I’ve just had a play with it - very cool stuff, nice job! Had a good look around and could see the effort you’ve put in gathering all the airport data. Certainly was able to generate some new routes I hadn’t tried, like the additional data that goes with it :)

Unfortunately, I think this isn’t going to get the attention it deserves because of the fact you need Windows and Excel for this to work - most users are mobile-first/only these days…


Cameron thank you for your feedback. My intention was to create an alternative to Virtual Airlines where the flights are pre populated. It is hard to provide a Mac/ iPad type app with embedded macros. I did think about providing an App however I do not currently have the software to do so. I personally have never flown a plane nor ever will. My attemp was to provide something that might help new players. If you have any thoughts on how I can improve this to help new players please offer suggestions.


I think if it’s web based, this will be a very useful (and used) tool.
As far as I’m aware, Google Drive supports Macros, but via JavaScript. If you’re willing to translate from VB to JS, then this spreadsheet could be hosted on Drive (shared and accessed much more easily). Definitely something to look into :)

If other users think the app is worthwhile I will investigate translating from Excel to Java Script. It would be nice to have a feature like this sewn into the game linked to the flight logs. This would enable new users to better understand flight paths, ascent and descent attributes.

Included Ascent and Descent calcs for angle/time/distance

it will be great!!!

Added distance in miles between airports along with co-ords to see path in Google Maps

Nice work! If you’re working on it be sure to get support from @carmalonso he is an expert on this sort of thing with apps and such!

Hi the file is dead, do u have another link?

The link is dead, but I am 1 million percent interested, I am new so I didn’t see this before but if I had…

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The link doesn’t work because he retired the site.


This is an excel spreadsheet. Not sure I can upload here.

Google docs. Or just upload to another site. Put it on @Cameron’s server.

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