Random flight generator

I saw this post in the IFFG that I totally agree with:
This would be really fun to have. It could get you discovering new areas of the world, airports, etc.

It would spawn you in at a random airport, and you’d have a FPL to another random airport.
It could supply you with adequate fuel, pax, cargo, etc.
You can either select the plane or it would be randomly generated as well. But if it was randomly generated, it would give you a plane suitable for the route. (It wouldn’t give you a 787 for LHR-BHX, or a Cessna for OMDB-YPPH.)

I don’t know about this one, seems like something more suitable for 3rd Party development.


OMG I need this I’m making the same trips if u could implements like a time within that be even better but this is a NEED

Ok, I think I’ll get a vote out for this one. 👍🏻


I personally think there isn’t so much need for that. A suggestion i can give you is to go on Flightradar24, pick a random flight operated by a plane included in Infinite Flight and try that. There’s plenty of beautiful routes all around the world with the planes the game has. This way you’d also know the flight number, so it’s even more realistic.


Why can’t we just think of them ourselves?

If you really want to use a random airport, just look it up.


Literally just zoom in on the map at a random place…?


I agree with you here Misha. It just seems pretty lazy to have the Developers working on something that we could do ourselves.

I understand the idea but it’s certainly not necessary.


Just go here and reload twice. http://www.fsflightgenerator.com

Or here, pick two cities and find the best airport nearest to the city:


Also, can’t think of any routes to fly?

Then, use Simbrief to calculate your flight plan, fuel, passengers, etc.

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In that thread we already calculated the flight plan, just use simbrief for the rest.

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Just choose a random airport and find routes with FR24?

Doesn’t make much sense to me. Just choose a random airport and then the rest is obvious. Better yet, use FR24 to find an exotic route. Or even just pick a random airport on the map and do some GA flying. Just seems like it’s better to have the devs working on a new plane or rework than this. Cheers!

I vote for it! That Seems like a cool app

🤔 It’s not an App. Just a feature request.

I know. It Would Just Be A cool addon app

Add-on app? I don’t think you understand the idea 💡it’s just a recommended app update.