Random Failing of Live Server

Hello. My iPhone 6S with iOS 12.2 has so far experienced 1 random failing of the Infinite Flight live Server. I was streaming to YouTube on the Screen Mirroring application ‘Vidih’ and was able to get the last few moments of the live server failing, before it too failed. It does use a VPN, but as soon as the live server failed, I suspected that it was the streaming app and immediately closed the tab and turned off the VPN. My WiFi is currently working with the normal 2 out of 3 bars, nothing out of the ordinary there. The first one ended up being a server restart while I was flying near KPHL a few weeks ago. But this isn’t a server restart. I was communicating with a fellow member of the SWAVA Slack, @GlobalFlyer1, and he had no trouble at all. I have closed infinite flight and reopened it, but that didn’t change it. I have just checked, the footage of the stream was deleted. I have no idea what is happening but the lost connection with the live IF server has lasted for about a half hour, since 9:13 PM EST. What can be done?

I’m now going to clear all tabs, including Infinite Flight to see if that works.

I tried reopening Infinite Flight and I got this message:

I pressed retry multiple times. It came back all 3.

It just connected. Weird

Most likely it was a server downage in your area. Try one of two things

  • Restart your phone
  • Finally, download and reinstall the app

It should fix everything up. Please contact me if neither work.

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So it’s alg now?

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Yes, it is

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Perform DNS change of your Wifi router