Random escort

I hope u guys don’t mind random close escorts provided by pilots like me … it helps me to gain XP also it’s fun


I have never experienced a random escort and honestly when I am on expert and a random escort occurs, it creates quite the confusion for the pilot you are following and the ATC who is trying to keep traffic flowing smoothly.


In that case I usually announce go around before final and let the aircraft I am escorting land I go for a missed approach … 😊


Going around before your on final? That’s a bit confusing and doesn’t sound “correct.” I would recommend just staying of off expert with these random escort because when atc frequencies such as approach come online and you don’t have the proper flight of XX callsign and don’t follow flight of XX rules, someone could possibly get ghosted and as I said before confusion is created. This is only my opinion there are so many more to hear from on the community.


If you are close to an aircraft and ignoring my multiple 360 requests, you’re getting ghosted my friend.


I don’t provide escorts in expert servers… I do it in TS1 😊

I don’t do this stuff on expert I do it on TS1

You can escort in midflight, but not at the final, to much confusion and you probably Will be ghosted if you don’t follow the ATC instruction.(also TS1)


You can still get ghosted in TS1 if 3 pilots report you. I know I will if you do that to me.

Just because it’s TS1 and you can’t get ghosted by ATC doesn’t make it okay. TS1 would be much a much better experience if everyone who actually knew the rules followed them and showed mutual respect to other pilots and ATC.

are you one of the guys in the casual San Fransisco server? If so so your escort has amused me quite often


Ya but I can still fly in TS1 as I’ll be grade 3

Doing this on TS1 is worse,

for those young ATCs trying to join IFATC, you’ll probably end up confusing them and when that happens on expert, they might pull a mistake since that’s what they learned in TS1.


If I was just trying to have a nice flight, and THIS GUY comes and starts stalking me, first thing I’d do is report them. Next thing I’d do is attempt to shake him off my tail. A last resort would be to MAYDAY.


Lol… U won’t be able to shake me off from ur tail 😂😂😂😂 just kidding

So like others have implied, you generally shouldn’t be doing this type of thing for several reasons. The most obvious two being it can get you reported and that it confuses ATC. I would only recommend you do escorts if it is pre-arranged and you are in a flight of two, or on casual.

But I have no power to stop you from doing it, I am only trying to prevent you from being reported. If you wish to continue doing it, nobody is stopping you. :)


I have experienced a random escort when I was in a Cessna 172 and escorted by an A380, imagine this in real life 😂


I know you’ve been spammed with negative already…but please do not ever ever do this to me. If you see the callsign FFT508 or American 508 please have the decency to respect my flight and leave us alone. Unless im squawking emergnecy codes or something I do not appreciate my flight being disrupted…even on TS1

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@Henrik you are requested to close the topic as the purpose of this post is fulfilled … 😊 I wanted to know what IFC family thinks about this and still I will be escorting till I am grade 4 and it’s only 3k XP away .
Thanks 😊

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Hey if you see me i dont mind an escort i think it would be awesome


I’m going to go ahead and congratulate you on grade 4 then. Great job! ;)

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