Random effects I’ve done

I downloaded PicsArt trying something new to my style of shots in the IFC and it had a lot of stuff so I chose on of them which look good or just messed around with them so here it is I thought I love to share

All flights in solo

It kinda looks the same but it has motion

I would basically use PicsArt later for next topic but we will have to see so… have a nice day 👍


The CRJ actually looks good 😂
Idk of these cut it though. It should be okay but someone could say the opposite as me so 🤷‍♂️

The A-10 looks A N G E R Y. 😂

Nice photos, though I’m not too keen on the effects. Would’ve been better without it if I’m honest.

Me and the boys at 2AM lookin for BEANS


Now I feel dizzy.

It looks like those documentary’s where someone gets heat stroke lol.

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I got a headache because I was looking at them for a long time.



When a plane has to much to drink 😂


Well this turned out weird…I Guess

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Red Bull gives you wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings

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idk how quotes work so let’s say the picture of the CRJ is here

The CRJ legit looked like there was a black hole just off camera and the plane was getting sucked into the unkooooooooooooooown

intense demonic screaming

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