Random disconnection to live server during long haul flights

I have just finished a long haul flight, from Ohare to Rome Fuimincino, the destination was meant to be Athens, however, I woke up to realise the server had disconnected.
When I ended the 8+ hour flight, I received only 2 hours worth of XP, I was just wondering if this has happened to anybody else, or if there is a way to claw this XP back.
(The disconnection to the server was unrelated to my internet connection)
Many thanks,

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Hey Kevin! It’s possible that you got some sort of notification mid flight that could have disconnected you from the live server but I’m not sure. If that is the case, there would be no way to get XP that you could have gotten if you had stayed connected.

One major reason this happens to people is if their device gets to a very low battery percentage. Make sure your device is charging on flights like these to avoid this from happening again.


Most probably, you got a pop up that deactivated the app hence permanent disconnection from the live server.
See this:

If possible, it would be good to check what caused the issue be it the low battery alert or a call.

This happened to me but it didn’t show me that I was disconnect. It showed that everything was green but the scenery wasn’t loading and I couldn’t see any aircraft around me

Hey Kevin,
Maybe using dnd during your flight may help, by preventing pop up notifications(calls) and thus disconnection from live server

I will definitely do this next time, Thankyou!

Yes, it would have been an email or a snap! Thankyou for your help

I see, I probably received and Email or a snap!
I’ll make sure to put my phone on DND next time!

That’s odd, I’ve never heard of this before?

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Same for me, I don’t know what is it

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