Random Crashing on ChromeOS, and Extreme Lag with every Aircraft.

Hello I have a Dell Chromebook 11 3189, with an Intel Celeron N3060 and 4 Gigs of Memory.

The game likes to crash and close unexpectedly with No warning. I dont know if I should ask for my Money back or continue this long journey, which seems to have no solution. It sometimes crashes on startup, but only on occasion. It runs fine on Single Player, (Sometimes). It will not run at all on Multi player. Both single player and multiplayer, if you switch thru the cameras and forget that their is cockpit view, forget about your OMDB-Chicago flight for your VA because you just randomly crashed the game 3/4 of the way to Chicago. When you stay on the outside views your fine with about 14-15 FPS and a 300 Degree bottom side of your laptop. I have invested over 100 Dollars into the game, and I cant really turn my back now. Id love to hear back So I can get this figured out, and continue to play years from now. Id just love to get this going correctly. Thanks. I got the game from the google play store on my chromebook. I did not copy any files or mess with the game or anyway. It is a legit copy for ChromeOS, from the Google Play Store.


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May I ask if other mobile games run well or if the operating system may have somthing to do with it?

Others run great. I can run all games at full/ultra just fine. I have ran XPlane 10, No Hiccups. Aerofly 2, No hiccups.

Hu… Have you tried messing with graphics settings, taking them down lower, or especially turned off anti aliasing?

It runs better with anti aliasing on, and I have all the settings at the very bottom end. I can not run it with any settings w/o crashing after a few minutes.

Do you have a strong reliable internet connection?

Yep. Im right next to my router most of the time, and it is a 5 GHZ Channel with top speeds around 25 Down and 10 Up.

Although you downloaded the app from the Playstore your device may not support the app and run properly.

Usually for games that arent for the system (ChromeOS)/Optimised say "This game may not be optimised for your Device, and I dont have it saying that or anything like it.

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Hmmmmm, Where would I find a way to fix this at then because of the money I have dropped into the game?

The Chromebook may be able to run Playstore apps per say but Infinite Flight may be unstable on your device. The app is more suited for tablets and phones.

Yes, Very true indeed. Should I just ask for money back then, or wait a little longer and see if it gets fixed?

How long ago did you purchase the app? You may be able to contact the Playstore for a refund.

In January, But my 1 month subscription didnt go thru and I spent 10 bucks on that, So I retried with a 6 month and it worked. I bought the game in Mid January.

So I can not go to the store to get my money back

Each store has their own policy regarding how refunds for an app, subscriptions, or in-app purchases are handled. Please see the list below to find your app store:


Visit the Amazon App website where the purchase was made, then locate and select “Contact Us” to make any refund request.


iTunes policy is that all app sales are final. We are not able to provide refunds, but you may be able to receive a refund by emailing iTunes customer service making your request.


The GooglePlayStore offers a two hour grace period to request a full refund for any purchase. Following the two hour grace period all refunds need to be requested with the developer by providing a complete copy of the receipt which shows the purchase ID beginning with “GPA” along with a reason for the requested refund. Refunds are not guaranteed and will be reviewed on a case by case.

I appreciate you allowing me to assist you today.

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Thats the problem, I dont have one that It will work on. I got it here because I saw it most likely would. Then it turned out it chose not to work as planned.

See above ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Okay, Where would I go to take this to the Dev at?