Random crashes

I have a old iPad mini 2 which has 1 gb of ram and 16gb with minimum of 8 gbs are free recently i got infinite flight pro and when i tell you its frustrating it is because I would do small flight like say from kansai to Tokyo intl 1 hour flight with all graphics medium and limit frame on anti aliasing off and it crashes any time like when i start taxiing when am taking off after i take off during cruise decent and basically all phases and I’ve been trying to do some flight like 4 times a day and the app would just crash no matter what i do i soft reset delete and install again, while on YouTube I’ve seen some small streamers who run every graphics high and do normal flights although there devices might be even worse then mine. whats you opinion should I renew subscription and get frustrated 95% of the time or just watch videos of people flying infinite flight?

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Try to clear cache and delete old reply after that restart the device .
I hope that helps you .

1GB of RAM is the absolute bare minimum to run IF - so it is likely that your device is simply running out of memory.


With your device having 1GB of RAM, I would honestly lower all the settings to “Low” before you launch your next flight. Make sure you reboot your device before flights to keep things fresh too.

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I will try that again today if it works i will play on low graphics if it works i will stick on that solution until i get a new better device

Put all your graphics low

Use the free cam and stay in one spot during cruise, then face the camera to the sky at that location

Limit Frame Rate On

AntiA off

Airplane count none

Turn off airplane boxes and usernames

Set time to night during cruise

Turn on low power mode on device + app

Avoid touching the screen frequently (this interrupts the game’s low power mode)

Close background apps

And finally do a hard restart on your device before a flight and make sure it’s cold before starting a flight

Mark this as a solution if it works :)

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and also by the way whenever i do flights around Europe it 100 percent crashes no matter what and when i do flights around middle east or around Australia and new Zealand they work a bit better. but i will make sure i try that as soon as my school day finishes.

It might cause of scenery, try the free cam method, I have an IPhone 6s and the free cam method allowed me to use the 777 fleet without being able to cook eggs on the back

That is true as my device cooks tea but when i do flight with new reworked planes with live cockpits what i do is take off on medium graphics when i take off and go above FL150 i put low graphics and change to hud as hud needs less power and during the landing on final approach i change to back to medium as i like to land using cockpit view.

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Don’t use HUD cause that loads scenery

how do you monitor your flight? to know when theres turbulence and all things u need to know

I usually just depart, set a fast cruise speed like M.85-86 and sleep I don’t monitor it and my method works well

For short hauls tho I use liveflight

I am trying an expirement right now am trying something i will tell you the results tomorrow

This was a big one for me. On my old device I couldn’t even have two aircraft visible without crashing.

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