Random crashes

Hey guys i’m doing long hall flights over night and it just randomly crashes (its not because of fuel) does anyone know why ?


What’s your device that your using for IF currently

Ive had IF pro for 3 months now and this has never happened

I was flying a 777:200er on my ipad

Its an ipad

What specific IPad?

How old is your iPad? Age can play a role in how effective a device runs. How much RAM you have can too.

Also, are you soft restarting your device before every flight, and setting everything to low once you are up in the air? This can reduce the strain on your device. It’s not a miracle cure, but it can definitely help.

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Given the reference to fuel, I think what the OP is referring to here is a crash of the aircraft. Please do correct me if I’m wrong though!

If it is indeed your aircraft crashing, not the IF app I would suggest you are likely stalling due to lack of step climbing. See here for more information.


I am still unclear on whether this crash is that of the aircraft or the app? Could you confirm please?

I am having the same problem the app crashes overnight

@Patrick_McCormack I think he/she is referencing to the aircraft crashing not the app.

He/she did reference to fuel.

@Captain_Worsfold Hey, I suggest you try and step climb. As you have mentioned “it’s not because of fuel” it is highly likely the cause of your crashes is stalling due to a high vertical speed which leads to a loss of speed and subsequently a stall at higher altitudes. Step climbing is needed to avoid such an incident, give it a go!

Hmmm, I’m not too sure what the OP means so I will wait for someone with more information to sort this out.

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