Random bugs found

Hi. I have just done a flight and in the process have found two bugs that you may not usually find in a typical flight!

Firstly, I left my A320 in NAV mode while I had a shower and when I retured I found that I was overspeeding (my mistake) however when I reduced the thottle to 250kts, the ‘overspeed’ warning sound kept on playing and didn’t even stop when I turned my engines off at the gate!

The next bug is quite unusual, but when I used the reverse thrust and looked out of the right wing view, you don’t actually get that view - the view is just above the aircraft where you can only see the end of the wings.

Hope these random bugs can be sorted in the future, although they aren’t much of a problem if you don’t overspeed and make sure you keep your eye on the runway ahead when landing… (!) Hahaha.


Please use #support thanks

This is a known issue and the best advice is dont be on the border of overspeed. You shouldnt be going faster than M.85 in any commercial aircraft

Without screenshot it’s hard to figure…

For the @overspeed warning we don’t know because you weren’t near the screen.

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He was not saying he was getting a violation he was saying that the warning went away but the audio lasted until the end of the flight.

The overspeeding audio bug is a known defect and has been reports a number of times before.