Random behaviour on Expert Server

I was taxiing to Runway 31L at JFK and a guy in an A319 taxiied through the terminal,exceeding the max taxi speed and taxied where ever he wanted until he got on a taxi way and he announced to unicom he is taxiing to Rwy 31L but crossed the runway without saying and took off from runway 04L

This was on Expert server? Wow! Unfortunately, there’s not much you could do. You could click on his name in your map and click “Report” but I’m not sure how much that will do. That is all ghostable, but since there was no controller, no ghost could be issued.
Sorry about that.

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XD,the report button does nothing

I didn’t think it did. :/

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Hello! If you’d like to report mischievous behavior on the Expert Server, please take a video and several photos as proof and present to a moderator. Please only bring up major incidents as mods have a life and can’t ghost each and every person out there 😉


Its basically broken idk why

Yes,but the problem is that i domt have any video or proof of that but all i know is he was in an a319 going to denver

Unfortunately, nothing can be done in that case.

I believe he is still flyimg.you can check him on liveflight app