Random ATC Handoff Options

Over the past few days I have started having other towers and frequencies appear in my “Contact other frequency” options.
Generally when working approach or departure this wouldn’t be odd. But when you’re working ground at LAX and you have the option to handoff to SAN ground/tower that seems a little off.
Below are some screenshots I’ve gathered to help explain the situation.

Here you can see that @Highpeacemaker123 is sitting at their gate, no flight plan filed, yet I am able to hand them off to San Diego ground or tower.

As you can see here, with this… pilot… who happens to be passing 200 kts just 700 feet above the tarmac at LAX, no flight plan, same issue.

This could possibly be something I’ve just overlooked for a few years or it could be an issue that’s just beginning to occur. If anyone has any insight it would be appreciated.

San Diego’s frequencies are fairly close to that of LAX’s and happen to be open, and will thus show in case a handoff towards them is necessary; I won’t be surprised if this happens in other places where two nearby airports are usually open. In this case, you don’t need to make use of them, just hand them off to what is open and is applicable.

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Ah, I didn’t think they would be close enough to actually “interfere” with each other like that. I guess it’s not all that often that KSAN gets opened up on the TS.

I wasn’t aware the range was that big but yes, that will happen when surrounding airports are open.

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