Random App Disconnection

Hello. Last night I took off from LAX, bound for London. About 7 hours in, as I was about to cross the NAT tracks, my infinite flight app closed out, losing the flight. I encounter this pretty often, and it’s strange. It’s most common with my long haul flights. I’d takeoff, and fall asleep, and when I wake up, the app is closed. And it’s weird because some of my long haul flights have no issues at all. It’s basically 50/50 chances. I have an iPhone SE 2020. Do you guys experience the sane thing?

Can you check your phone settings to see if you have app auto-updates enabled? Also, it could be the result of a forced notification. Recommend disabling auto-updates in your App Store Automatic downloads settings, maybe try putting your phone to Do Not Disturb overnight, and disable Government Alerts in your Notification Settings.

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