Random And Abrupt Crashing In-game on IOS.

Hey Infinite Flight Support. My reason of asking is Infinite flight just seems to be randomly crashing in flights from long haul to domestic. My most recent crash was about an hour ago will I was trying to do a long haul from PHNL To Sydney and the game abruptly crashed once I had reached cruising altitude. I’m wondering if anything in my setting is causing this or if there is an issue with the game itself. Anyways, Thanks You Very Much For The Help.


Hi, are you on IOS? if so this is a known problem, you should look to see if there are similar topics to your problem. You should also fill out the device info, it’s there for a reason, not just to be deleted.
P.S, welcome to the community!
Here’s the topic on the increased crash rate on IOS

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This does not solve the issue, we pay a full subscription price for a pro plan and expect a bug and lag free experience white legally we are not getting what we are entitled for. Infinite Flight should test releases before releasing it as it has widely affected users to a major extent inspite of paying the full amount.


There’s no such software that is bug & lag free. Sorry but expectations should be realistic. There will always been something.

We have tested it. 22.8 was in the Beta testing phase for well over a month before being released. Unfortunately, app crashes wasn’t an issue during the testing phase except for a very small number of testers. So small that it was negligible. And the situation is no different now in the public release. The number of users actually experiencing this is not high. But for those who are, it’s a massive pain which we recognize and are trying to correct as soon as we can. The problem is that these kind of issues are a massive pain to diagnose, but we are working on it and the logs we’ve seen so far have helped us narrow it down quite a lot.

So yes, it will help solve the issue ;)


Agreed. I have faced many abrupt crashes on iOS but still havent complained or so because its quite evident that its a frequent and known issue, so even if we pay a “full pro sub” and still get bugs and crashes doesnt relate, its like paying 15 dollars for a meal and expecting everything in gold, and emphasis on this:

IDK Y my device just keeps on crashing non stop.


Check your settings, storage, reduce the graphics, plane count and anti-aliasing if on and also reduce game rate to 30fps from 60 if at 60.

done all yet crashes

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Is it possible to tell on when does it crash? like as soon as you spawn or what?

When open app
While pressing Control or Fly
When Loading
When I disengage autopilot
and many more

Then probably try clearing the app data in settings or reinstall

Reinstalled x4
Cleared cache also

Then probably device hasn’t developed the antibodies yet for IF bug.

@schyllberg I sent you a message with my name for the test flight app, if you could get back to me at your latest connivence. Thanks

I don’t think they’re taking any more people.

Rohan bhau i am facing the same problem as well but the thing is they are trying i have enrolled my self in their crashing diagnostics and i have been sending reports of crash to them if it occurs fingers crossed i hope theh catch the issue


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