Random Aircraft Downloads

Hi All,

This is my very first post here so apologies for any mustakes in advance.

I just wanted to ask the IFC (Infinite Flight Community) about this ‘issue’ & wether there is any easier way to stop this happening.

Basically when i play IF , i download ONLY the planes i usually like to fly on a daily basis (Boeing 737 Series, Boeing 787-8 /-9 /-10 & Boeing 777 Series)

however out of nowhere , when i next open up IF i oddly find aircrafts i never use such as the Cessna , Bombardier and a couple of Airbus’ downloading/downloaded & this is quite annoying as my phone is only 16gb (iPhone 6s) and this game actually takes up the majority of the storage (between 5-7GB) when ALL aircrafts are downloaded, however when i download all the aircrafts I FLY, its equates to just roughly 1-1.5GB.

is there any OTHER way to sort this rather than deleting & reinstalling? or is it just by default that they automatically install?

thanks for ANY help!

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The only way to disable automatic downloads is if you are on the live servers while on cellular service. There’s an option in the in-app settings.

If you need to free up space on your device a good starting point is usually getting rid of old unwanted photos or apps you never use.


The reason for this also is because when you see other aircraft ie the ones not downloaded, they would otherwise look low quality in comparison hence they automatically install. Utilising iCloud for images, clearing apps etc as Chris said is the best bet here, it’s frustrating at times due to Apple having inconsistent storage fluctuations but it’s the only way of life until you can get a device with more storage.


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