Random Act of Kindness

Last week, I flew a Delta flight from KRSW to KDTW. The aircraft was N853DN, a B737-900ER. The flight was great and the crew were friendly. As I was waiting to deplane, the first officer noticed me looking into the cockpit and invited me in to take a closer look. I was able to take several photos and thanked him for the opportunity. With all the recent negative press surrounding the airline industry, it’s nice to know there are still friendly people out there willing to go that extra mile.


Visiting a flightdeck is always an amazing experience 😍


Pilots are always very available and kind. Some are vain but most are very nice people.


My dad is flying from Heathrow to Abu Dhabi on the Etihad A380 in a year, Ive told him to ask the flight attendants if he could see the cockpit, I’m hoping for some good pictures!


If you would like some pics from a 744 too, I m flying it in August and I can ask for you :-)


Yes please, absolutely!

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Will be done. See you!👍

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That first officer must of been really nice ;) People like him make the world a better place.


No matter where you go, there will always be nice and great people. This has happened to me once, my mom asked the pilot if I could see the cockpit during boarding, and they were nice enough to do so. I even sat in the captain’s seat!

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this is the worst story from me but i was flying on a short flight from Auckland to Whangarei when i was smaller think it was a Q300 i was scared in smaller non jet planes at the time. I was offered to go into the cockpit while the plane was flying but was too scared to go… i was such a idiot.

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Little tip: Delta pilots are awesome (and so are most).
When you enter the plane, just ask the flight attendant to see the cockpit. My transactions go as follow:
FA: Welcome Aboard
Me: thank you! Do you mind if I check out the flight deck?
FA: we’ll see
FA: you have a visitor!
Pilot (s)
Great, come on in!

The whole thing is, don’t be afraid to ask and… be super nice. They love it. Pilots live talking to other AvGeeks. When I went to SXM, the pilot of the 757 that I flew on stayed the night and went to Maho Beach the next day, and we talked for almost an hour! Just don’t be afraid to ask!

Also, act like it’s your first time. It makes them feel better and makes them want to let you do more. I’ve stayed up in the cockpit for 30-45 minutes. On a diversion I was in the first seat and the pilots invited me up for 40 minutes while we waited. I’ve jumpseated push backs, I’ve turned off engines, I’ve gotten shoutouts over the loudspeaker, helped with checklists and more! They love speaking with you!

By asking, I’ve been in the cockpits of many, many aircraft.

Here are some photos!

Remember! Always ask!


I had an experience very similar! This is why Delta is my favorite airline and the 737-900ER means so much to me (hence why I asked for a model of one for my birthday.) I lost the photos due to several phone changes, but they are still on iCloud (I think). The one I toured was only 9 months old at the time, and I got to change the Ambient lighting, have a nice conversation with the pilots and flight attendants… I couldn’t believe my luck! And all because I asked why the plane didn’t have the split scimitars. It was the coolest!


Really? When did that happen? Year-wise?

I prefer doing it after the flight…more time ;)


I often go flying, and the crew was very happy to invite to to the cockpit. Sitting in the cockpit seat; It’s very amazing to see all the airplane controls there.

I had such a nice pilot on my recent flight, DXB-SFO, he let me see the cockpit, ask questions, and the best of it all, he let me wear hit hat and jacket and he took a photo of me holding he joystick and throttle’s. So nice, which I would’ve gotten his email.

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Wow that is so nice just to let people in without asking. My parents used to ask when I was little but I don’t ask anymore.


Sometimes it just happens by accident. I was looking up where the aircraft was (it was 35 minutes late) and I said both the registration and the fleet number out loud while I was creating a mental note. Both the pilot and first officer looked through their paper work to find the fleet number, walked up to me and told me to visit the cockpit.


Maybe 5-7 years ago it was regional flight so they is less restrictions there literally cabin door was open might not of been q300 maybe Beechcraft

I remember I went on an Emirates A380 from BNE-AKL and the captain invited me into the cockpit when we landed, got to tour the upper deck aswell! Amazing crew that day!

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