Ran out of fuel

i just crashed. here is the replay

i just fell out the sky. my engines had ran out of fuel. i had no thrust

my Callsign was N146BC flying EGLL-WSSS

it looks like i ran out of fuel. i had 13 hours of fuel in for only 11 hour flight

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I mean… that’s what happens when you run out of fuel…
Note that the fuel calculations in IF do not take in account your weight, winds or altitude. Highly suggest you use https://simbrief.com or an easier version: https://fpltoif.com/ for fuel calculations and Step Climbing


it’s sooooo annoying though 😡

Using these websites or just running out of fuel?

running out. i did a long haul friday night and that was fine. guess i won’t be flying the 777 for a long time

What was the speed? High speed may increase the rate of fuel consumption.

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it was M.090 @FL370

Ok, whoa that’s really fast. No wonder why you ran out of fuel. Normal cruise speed is around 0.80 - .85M


it may have been fuel factors. i put like 2 hours more than flight time

Just add more fuel before flight dont have to avoid 777

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as it was mentioned the weight and balance doesn’t take into account winds, weight and takeoff/climb cause the aircraft will be burning a lot of fuel during takeoff alone as well as during climb and then the aircraft weight and winds play a huge factor as well,.

the weight and balance tells you that you have more than enough fuel for 13 hours, go to flightplanner submit your flight and aircraft, its will give you a bit more accurate number, however lets say flightplanner suggests 90k KG worth of fuel is enough i will take 100k KG while the weight and balance in IF suggested 80k was enough!

Mach .90 way to fast dude

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This graph is precisely why you ran out of fuel flying at 0.90 M. The drag significantly increases after 0.86 M, and you ran out of fuel as Simbrief and other sites assume you to be flying at 0.85 M (max cruising speed).

Just for reference 1 mach is equal to roughly 1200 KPH.
0.90 M would be roughly 1080 kph, as you can see on the graph the drag has significantly gone up.


Do you use “Step Climbing?”

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I think you can pull out the fuel remain display in the bottum of the screen and see it.

Hi @Jack_BC yes i miscalculated the flight time due to winds. Sorry about that

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Were you guys flying together AHAHA also, it’s not real hard to check out Infinite Flight FPL converter. Amazed with how it links to simbrief or flight aware. Fuels are quite accurate. No speeding and follow step climbs you should be fine mate


What route were you flying. Typically I cruise at FL320 and go M.85. Fuel wise, I always pack a full tank which I always use 80% of it by the end of the flight.

Aren’t you a little heavy with a full tank @AXEL_GAMING


yes I am heavy but I lose it by the end of the flight. Typically when I do flights I have to to go against winds so I consume more fuel.

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