Ramzi_Khairan’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [WRITTEN TEST PASSED]

Hey guys my name is ramzi. Welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread. i want to apply to IFATC, but before that, i need to practice. so i hope you guys can come and give me some feedbacks.



WIII Tower and Ground

Runway in use : 07L & 07R

i hope u can do some patterns and give some feedbacks😃

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Heya, I’ll be there!

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I was QRV001 Heavy. I have a one remark, but other then that you did everything well :).

  1. You forgot to sequence me and clear me on the first pattern.

Other then that, you get extremely well and no problems from me :)

Kind Regards
Suyash P.

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Thanks suyashh😃😃

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closed! thank you for coming. i already read all the feedbacks and i will improve it. i hope i can be better on next session😃

Hey guys, so yesterday i passed the written test. today i will open airport again. i will open VHHH in 1 hour. i hope u can come and give some feedbacks:)

Ramzi K

VHHH is open by somebody atm. i’ll Open OTHH, please do patterns and give some feedback:)

OTHH Open!

Runway in use : 16L &16R

I’m heading to bed now, but tag me in your next opening, and there is a slim chance I might be able to come! I’ll let you know if you tag me ;)

Okay, thank you😄

Still open @Ramzi_Khairan?

Are you still open?

@DeccyB @Jan_W currently closed, i will open again in 30mins/1hr

WSSS TOWER and Ground Open!

Runway in use 20R n 20C

Ill come along!

Im sorry but im gonna have to go remember to tag me when your next open I recommend GCLP

Will do, thanks!

Closed! thanks for coming😃

Hey guys. so i’ll have my practical test today. but before that, i wanna make sure that i’m ready. So now i’m open at LEPA

Runway in use : 06L and 06R