Ramrod215’s ATC Tracking Thread- [CLOSED]

Like to test out my skills on Tower/Ground to learn the commands and stuff. Gaining ops to take the test for elite.


It’s good that you want to be a radar controller, but remember that you’ll have to go through tower and ground before you become an officer. I would advise training for T/G first, as that enables you to pass the IFATC exams. You can then focus on radar training. :)

Happy controlling!

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On my way, NAC617

Thank you for running departure and and approach. My only question is why did you, after clearing me for the approach on two separate occasions make me cancel the approach for another aircraft. You should of vectored them away from me. I am not a qualified IFATC but I’m 99.9 percent positive the landing aircraft is the priority

Radar is the easy part just getting use to the commands.

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I don’t remember which one you were but if you were VA to 4R I assigned that climb command by accident and didn’t know the command to cancel it. If you were the 33L arrival a aircraft departed 15R and it was an unsafe situation so I aborted your approach to revector you.

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