Ramp tour of the Portsmouth International Airport

Hello everyone and a Happy Friday to you all!

Today, I took a half hour drive to Portsmouth, NH to visit the Port City Air FBO.

Why did I go to PSM? Well, I didn’t want to say anything, but it was just a great experience that was too good not to share with you all, but I had an interview for Line Service Agent at PCA today at 4:30pm EDT.

Of course, I did ask if it was alright to take photography, and they said it was okay and was kinda encouraged as well :)

A couple of the employees there asked if I liked airplanes and if I take videos, and so I told them about my channel, MHT Aviation.
They said they hope to see videos of PSM if I get hired there, which made me surprised, and happy.


I took some pictures, because I wanted to really listen on what they do, and only took pictures when the person I was with was done letting me know about what they do.
I did that to show respect. Always listen to the Person who is giving you a tour.

First thing, here is the Hanger right in the main building. This area is for those wanting to fly out right away.

Same Hanger, but this side is for where they fix planes.

A Gulfstream G550 at the ramp, being serviced. First stop of the actual ramp tour, showcasing what the people do here.

A Dassault Falcon 500 at Ramp 205. Second stop.

Stopped by the Cargo Ramp. Here’s a catering truck, the only one at PSM. Second stop, showcasing what they dog for cargo. They also mentioned the Antonov AN-124.

Driving down the road. I forgot the name of this road.

PlaneSense is the biggest customer for Port City Air. Here’s a Pilatus PC-24 at the hanger, with five more PC-24’s on order.

PSM Terminal. Last stop of the Ramp tour, as we cannot go to the National Guard side.

A C-17 Globemaster III at the Ramp. Really big when you see it in Real Life.

Well there you have it! I hope you like the pictures, as they were taken on an iPhone XR.
The interview did go very well if you were wondering.


Thats so cool.

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Wow what a great opportunity!

Ah, Swiss precision at its finest. Fascinating topic!

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Thank you @Marc! Very pretty jet :). The only one right now in New Hampshire.

It was indeed! I didn’t expect the tour at all, but it was a great sight to see the ramp inside.

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I am really happy to see you interviewed that day and hope the best for a future job of some sort! Nice pictures and it’s great to see you having a great time! I have also made a similar topic like this before.

Anyways, I’d love to see an Antonov 124 as they always fly into Portsmouth International Airport. It’s such a rare sight. 😯

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Well if I get hired and happen to work on it, you’ll be able to see close ups of it :)

But I can’t have my hopes high, I haven’t been able to get airport jobs for some time now.

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That’s awesome 😎😎😎😎😎

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Really cool keep it up nice really nice 😎👍🏽✈️

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I love those C-17s massive jets! Sweet pics and I wish you the best of luck with your job application

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Lucky! I would love to do that.

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I hope so too. I told them I was very interested in joining. Seemed like a great crew, and working for an FBO, it’s different from commercial. You go by your schedule, though, you can volunteer to stay late to help out if you want.

The only exception is Military or charter service. That we do have to stay for however long it’s on the ground. If I leave at 9pm and that plane is coming in at 8:00pm that day, you are required to stay to help out, however long (let’s say 2 hours extra) it will be.

You can let them know that you can’t stay that long though, but if you’re really into aviation, staying an extra 3 hours to service a big airplane is a big commitment :)

That’s one thing I learned, that GA side is different from commercial :)

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Well this is something they do if your an applicant for a job in the field of Aviation.
They don’t normally do this though, so I think this is like the only FBO in NH to do a tour before you get hired (or not).

I’m sure there are Airports out there willing to show you around the ramp. You can always ask, but don’t expect a yes right away. If they allow it, then great! Just make sure to ALWAYS listen to the tour guide and respect the workers who are working on the ramp, and Never walk away from the tour guide, or you will get lost and or will be asked to leave (I think)

Good stuff man!

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Wow! I’m so happy right now!

I got offered the position TODAY!
I am so very happy, and I hope to start the paperwork tomorrow. Looks like PSM will be my starting airport for Ramp life!

Expect some awesome Ramp pictures when I get fully trained!


Congratulations Daniel!

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Congratulations! That is awesome! I can’t wait for you to show us what it’s like!

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Thank you very much @Marc and @snoman

I can’t wait either! I’m gonna have to invest in a digital camera, as I can’t take my Canon SX60 HS As it’s too big. I’ll be using my iPhone XR for now.

You can actually see what ramp life is like on YouTube as well :)

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Oh I never thought about looking o YouTube! Are there any channels you recommend?

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There are a lot out there. Your best bet is to look up “Ramp Agent life” or something similar. I’m sure there are channels out there you’ll like :)

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