Ramp Location Occupied - Your account is being used on another device

Why am I getting this error. I was just flying. My subscription was just renewed.

I can connect to training server, but not expert. I am grade 4.

i’m also having the same issues right now

Same issue.
And often crashes… stuck

Tried spawning in Orly on Expert Server and it just doesn’t work

yes that’s what i get. try the training server. it works for me. only expert does not work

Me to it works on Trainign Server

It might be a commun bug

Hi all,

The same issue is present on the expert server. It has been recognised by others in a seperate thread. Seems to be a complete server wide issue.

The devs will get to work on it shortly once they’re available and should be back up and running in no time.

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Thanks @Zaco571 , also what thread is it pls ?

I first viewed it here: "Account is already being used on another device"

I’ve just managed to log back in, so give it another go now, might be working.

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working for me now too.

All OK now. Sorry for the inconvenience!