Ramp Designation Markers

So I’m not sure if this is been covered before, but I noticed a couple of weeks ago that they are aircraft “markings” at the for parking aircraft at the gates at Newark’s KEWR. Has anyone else noticed this? It leaves me to wonder if there are other airports within the game that also have these markings. I’ve circled them in yellow so everyone can see. I thought it was pretty cool!image


I’ve never seen that before!


Neither have i

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I believe that these gates are designed specifically for that aircraft. Great Find @Captain_T_Malone!



I edited this airport. The reason these gates are marked as such is because many of the gates at Terminal C can handle different types of aircraft at each line.

For example: Gate C120 can handle 5 different aircraft types depending on which parking line is used. This ensures proper aircraft wing clearances between the apron and terminal buildings. Because I cannot add duplicate gates, I simply added the aircraft type that can park at these gates according to the markings written on the ground.

Various aircraft type markings at gate C120

Reflected in Infinite Flight

Please note that not all airports will have these. This airport was definitely an exception. Don’t expect this from every airport in game. I’m glad you like them. :)


Nathan H
Airport Editing Supervisor.


Yes you can check at LFPO. (not sure if they got removed tho)

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