RAM usage?

While I have one app running (IF) and am using IF for an extended period of time, the iPad slows down A LOT. I am thinking IF uses a ton of RAM. Is it possible to have IF dump the files it no longer needs, as it flies through a region? I imagine that’s part of the problem is that so much is being cached on the device. Thoughts?

I am using iPad Pro 12.9 256GB

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It should perform cache and memory dumps intermittently by itself.
But iOS usually have a tendency leaking RAM to other stuff, so if you clear before launching IF your experience should improve.

The only app that is running is IF, I have the multi-tasking empty. What more can I do?

One trick I find helps is if you turn off “background refresh” in settings. That prevents iOS from leaking RAM to closed apps. A RAM clear can’t hurt either.

To clear the RAM:

  1. Hold the sleep/wake button until the “slide to power off” screen appears
  2. Hold the home button until the screen flickers and it returns to the home screen

That field is useless. It doesn’t really clear out any RAM. Follow Jake’s advice here.


I am about 40 minutes from landing from a 15-hour flight. Once I land, I’ll certainly give this a try. Thank you.

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Another thing you can try, restart you’re iPad before every flight. This will basically reset the RAM so to say, so stuff that’s running in the background that you don’t know about, should stop. This should help.

Here’s an example of an iPhone 7+ RAM stats with every day use.

Before clean:

After clean:


I just find it interesting that he has what sounds like constant lag with 4 gigs of RAM, but I have 2 gigs of RAM (IPad pro 9.7) and I only lag flying into heavy traffic airports like EGLL.

Lag within the sim itself could also be due to poor connection, because everything is streamed.


That is very true…

@Dan_Steele when you fly, do you have a fast, stable, and consistent internet connection

I just restarted the iPad, as indicated above. I turned off all the background apps. So far it seems to run much smoother.


Most of the time I leave it on my cellular connection (LTE). In my area, the LTE is extremely strong (40+ Mbps down and 10+ Mbps up). When on wifi, or LTE, the issue occurs. My wifi is a gigabit connection, so that’s lightening fast.


This process was completed. So far, so good. I will keep you posted when my current flight ends.

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Which app is this being shown in this post?

Is this data related to my current RAM usage? Or is it just memory

That is storage. It is different from RAM.


It’s just called “System Info” if I’m not mistaken

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As an update, I am currently 1h33m into a flight, at night, if that matters. The only app running is IF. I have disabled all app refreshing and rebooted the hard way (not using the slider). IF is already starting to slow my iPad down (many commands aren’t functioning, or are very delayed, outside of IF, when IF is in multi-task or paused mode). Thoughts?

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