RAM - new device

I’m looking at buying a new device, how much RAM is recommended for Infinite flight to run smoothly.


Check this out.


I recommend getting an apple device

Ahh, I’ve been told the Powermac G5 runs IF perfectly 👌

Maybe say which Apple device


I recommend the 10.5 inch iPad Pro. It really good power.

I have the 9.7 inch iPad Pro and it runs pretty well as well.

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Ok, apparently the IFC has turned into a place where I can’t even make a light hearted joke.

Delete my comment if you want, but how that warrants a flag I don’t know 😂


Check this, self referential ik

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It’s all fun and games until someone gullible uses the Amex to buy that appliance you referenced 😏


Any iPad from the Air 2 later will run IF very well

Thanks all! The apple products are out of my price range unfortunately.

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😂 I think a quick Google search would reveal that the Powermac G5 is not quite capable of running IF…


If you want the best phone for its price, then buy the OnePlus 5T! For IF 2GBs are enough but this phone has 6/8GBs of Ram!

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THE iPad Pro’s have 4GB RAM, I would say to run real smoothly try to get 3GB +

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Any 2 years old Apple device will run IF with ease. Any Android with SD 810, SD 820 and SD 835 will run IF with ease. However i have a lenovo tab 3 plus with a 1 year old SD 625 and its horrible. I have to put the graphics on medium to low setting to have any chance of a smooth gameplay. If i have put it on high i barely get 10 FPS

I have the IPhone 8 and it runs IF perfectly on everything on high. Definitely recommend it

Any device with 2 gigs of ram and over should run it pretty well.

I personally use the Samsung Galaxy tab S3, which has 4 gigs of ram and runs everything like a dream.

I had to take a chuckle at that joke. A good device if your going apple is the iPad Air2, iPhone 6 plus, or iphoneX. For android, I use the Revvl Plus, and Google Pixel 2!



I personally think, after doing a little bit of research, that a phone within the Oppo brand is worthy of consideration. Most of their newest gen phones have at least 3GBs of RAM which is plenty to run Infinite Flight cranked up.

Hope this helped :)