Ram for infinite flight

The topic probably exist but was just wondering I have a 3G ram phone but want to.upgrade to 6G ram phone how high can you make youre graphic s settings on a 6G Ram phone for infinite flight.

I can imagine 6gb ram phone will do just fine. I’ll check mine now since mine works with full graphics…

Yup I have 4gb.

What kind of phone do you have in mind?

See, RAM isn’t all what’s important. An iPad Pro 10.5 or the iPhone XS for example have 4GB of RAM and they run IF just perfectly on the highest settings.

If your phone has 6GB of RAM but a very bad processor or graphic engine, then your RAM won’t do you much good.

If you have the name of the phone you’re interested in, we could give you some better information.

Have a good day or night!


Thank you so.much how is full graphics on a 4g ram is it laggy or.not thank you

Thank you so much for the help I want to buy the Huawei P30 and it has 6g ram I dont know so.much about the rom

Well, it is possible to search and find what devices run if well, we have this very well made topic :)

You will be able to run Infinite Flight on the highest settings. 6 GB of RAM is plenty.

yeah its depends whether you have an Apple device or Android device. 6 GB RAM seems fine

Thank you everyone for all the help because I have a Huawei P9 with a 3G Ram and I play on Medium settings but want to fly on high setting with my new phone appreciate it alot


The amount of RAM will not determine how high graphics settings you can have. The GPU plays the biggest part in this, then the CPU and finally the amount of RAM.

So, it’s a combination of the three that makes up the sum. So make sure you Google on how well the CPU & GPU performs on the device you intend to purchase as well.


Yes at all. iPhone XR works like a charm. 3GB RAM powered with A12.

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