ram and crashes

Hello everyone, I have an iPad mini 3, it has 1 GB of RAM, and game crashes often happen. I want to buy a Samsung 10.1, there is 2 GB of RAM, will there be less crashes?

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2 would be better than 1, but I think 4 gives better playing experience.

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If your app crashes a lot, before every long haul just close IF in the background. And then restart it before every long haul flight. Also here’s this


in Russia there are no good tablets with 4 GB of RAM, and they are very expensive

thanks, I will read

I fly with a phone (S8+), works very well.

What IOS?
Your 2 IOS is most likely too old to run the app.

I play IF on an iPad mini 3, and it runs smoothly in high graphics.
However, I play on medium. Just try to lower your brightness, and check if you have any available storage on your iPad.

I have a 16 GB ipad, I don’t have enough memory even to upgrade to iOS 12.4

I also have s8, but I like playing on the big screen more. I choose between ipad 9.7 (2018), Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 10.5

and besides, my ipad is already 4 years old

So? Mine is too!

Runs like a charm :)

Then that’s probably the problem. Try to delete some unwanted photos from your iPad and try to free like 1 or 2 GB’s.

One half of the storage is occupied by the infinite flight, and the other half is occupied by the “other”, what can it be?

Hmm. Maybe some apps you don’t need?

I don’t even have applications. YouTube, Twitch, Infinite Flight, and all

I think it’s easier to buy a new tablet with the most RAM and ROM

But I don’t know which one to choose. ipad 9.7 (2018), Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Galaxy Tab 10.5

what can you recommend?

Get the new iPad mini 5!
Or, get the 2018 iPad.