Ram Air Turbine

What Is It?
The Ram Air Turbine (RAT) is a little turbine which comes out the back or near between the wheels (A320, A321, A319, any smaller aircraft) during dual engine failure.

Why We Need It
This would fit perfectly in with the new fuel consumption in Global. When we run out of fuel you would be able to choose if you would like to extend it.


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it is a good idea , but I don’t think their will be emergency failures , the only scenario I could think of would be something with fuel.

also you might want to vote for your own request too!


ok so that means the opponent of this topic should be closed

yeah i saw it, I thought it was lacking info. And it was from a year and a half ago.

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It’s not only on smaller aircraft.

Closing it does not state its necessity. It was a duplicate so it was closed.

If others want this they can vote on it. 🙂


its idea but it’s not like we have an APU and stuff like that for the RAT to power.

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The 787-8 and I think -9 are equipped with this.

All aircraft have the RAT

Maybe we could get some more detail on the turbine and how it works. Even though I do know what it is, some people don’t know. 👍

No they don’t. For example a 737 doesn’t have one.

The APU isn’t powered by a RAT.

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Oh oh oh I am sorry boss. You tell me what it powers then and what I meant by the RAT is that it powers the basic interments to control the aircraft when the main instruments don’t work

The RAT (Ram Air Turbine) supplies ‘just’ enough electrical and hydraulic power to power the flight controls in the event of a total systems failure. It’s a ‘get you home’ device that has, as far as know, never been used in anger!

It’s a bad day in Dodge if you’re relying on the RAT!!!


You just said what I chocking on to say.

The RAT is used as noted by the post by @Yuan_Tugo. The RAT does not power the APU as you noted “we have an APU and stuff like that for the RAT to power.”

If you have the APU you can use that for power and hydraulic power - albeit you still need an engine for some forward thrust hopefully. With no engines basically you better find somewhere to glide to for a landing, but at least you will have electrical power and hydraulics from the APU.

If you have no APU or engines that’s when you are down to the RAT to provide very limited electrical and hydraulic power.

Gimli glider and the Air Transat A330 that landed in the Azores are the only examples I can think of that went down to the RAT. Basically fuel starvation in both cases so no engines or APU.

As you say, not a great day if you end up relying on the RAT!

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C152 C162 C172 C182 C185 C195 C210 C310 Be-23 Be-55 Be-58 Pa-18. I can go on.
These are all aircraft and they do not have a RAT. Please don’t make vague statements


Very true, forgot about those ones! The Air Transat was somewhat self induced!!!



I can see maybe adding something where when you run out of fuel it simulates the RAT. I don’t feel we need an entire new animation, otherwise people will purposely takeoff with not enough fuel just to see it, then they will be spamming ATC with request to emergency land.

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I do see IF adding this to the game, it’s just that not trying to be rude here we may have to wait until the game is a bit more advance.

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