Raleigh Durham Flyout

Welcome To Raleigh Durham

Welcome to Raleigh Durham in North Carolina. These 2 cities share the airport. This Airport is a small hub for Delta Airlines. Lets fill this airport to the MAX!

Gate Assignments
Terminal A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
A01 Spirit A321 Orlando @Jay003
A02 Avelo 737-800 Fort Myers @Nicholas_Thiemonge
A03 Alaska 737-900 Seattle
A04 Sun Country 737-800 Minneapolis @BazeAeOfficial
A05 Southwest 737-800 Baltimore @_TheTexanAvgeek
A06 Southwest 737-800 Orlando @anon14887730
A07 Southwest 737-800 Midway @BenjiTheBull
A08 Southwest 737-800 St. Louis @RagonDragon
A09 BahamasAir 737-700 Freeport
Terminal C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
C01 Delta 757-200 Atlanta @plane_guy12
C03 Delta CRJ9 New York(JFK) @Howard_Flint
C07 Delta 737-900 Las Vegas @RagonDragon
C08 JetBlue A320 Boston @Jetblue1269
C09 JetBlue E190 New York(JFK) @Aviator_PdJ
C10 JetBlue BCS3 Boston @flyingdov3
C11 American 737-800 Los Angeles @AmericanB772
C12 Air Canada CRJ9 Toronto @Ryan_Maibam
C14 Air Canada CRJ2 Montreal
C15 American A319 Charlotte
C16 American E175 Austin @MrGoatX
C17 American CRJ7 Washington National
C23 American 777-200 London(LHR) @Ben_Walsh
C24 Delta 767-300 Paris(CDG) @Chronicle
Terminal D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
D01 Delta 737-800 Seattle @TheNorthwestDog
D03 Delta BCS3 Detroit @DetroitAviationHD
D05 Delta BCS3 Boston @alexNine99
D06 Delta A220-200 La Guardia @Mort
D09 Delta A320 Fort Lauderdale
D10 Delta CRJ9 Washington(DCA) @Apple_Haye
D11 Frontier A321 Las Vegas @anon38552190
D12 Delta Connection 717 Atlanta @United403
D13 Icelandair 757-200 Reykjavik @Ryan_15
D14 Frontier A320 Denver @Flyin.Hawaiian
D15 United 737-900 Houston @Mason_Lennox
D17 United 737-700 Newark @Bay_Area_Aviation
D18 United A320 Chicago @anon38552190
D19 United 737-800 Newark @Noobpilot123
D20 Delta 767-300 Atlanta @TheNorthwestDog

ATC Assignments:
Frequency Controller
Ground: @Wonderousbuilder641
Tower: @Wonderousbuilder641
Departure: @LuckyRc
Jacksonville Center: @LuckyRc
New York Center: @LuckyRc

Event Info:
Departure Time:2023-06-11T21:00:00Z

Listen to ATC
Be Realistic
Spawn in Assigned gate 10-15 minutes before event time!
Have Fun!!!


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Extra Raleigh Durham Info
Raleigh–Durham International Airport - Wikipedia
Raleigh, North Carolina - Wikipedia


I’ll take these!!

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Meeeee me me


Will join as 757 to KATL

it is on the 767 if that is ok
Welcome to the community too

This please and thanks

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May I please have C11?

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can i snatch this?

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Can I grab this one?

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I shall get you signed up

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Can i switch to this one? D01 Delta 737-800 Seattle

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This one please

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Can I take this? For once I’m actually requesting a gate instead of screwing someone else up…

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thank you to all who signed up

could i have this one?

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ofc welcome to the community

This one pls

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of course welcome to the Community

American’s 777-200ER to London should be added at C23 – the only gate at RDU big enough to take it!

I grew up in Raleigh in the 90s and remember AA’s hub, with DC-10s flying to the Northeast and Florida, and 767-200 service to Paris… not to mention Eagle flights to places like New Bern and Myrtle Beach…

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