Raleigh Durham: Even more Aviation Photography

Hey community. I thought I might share some of these terrible, grainy shots of airplanes with you guys. I started editing my photos. I didn’t get too many so bare with me. Let me know what you think. If you want to check our aviation photography account out click here:

American A320
2020-07-05 (7)
Delta 737-800 From Atlanta
2020-07-05 (8)
American A320 Yet again
2020-07-05 (9)
Thanks for checking out our photos. Hope to get some more photos up soon.



I love KRDU. One of my favorite and most sentimental airports. Great photos, my pilot uncle would be proud!

Ha Ha thanks! Great to see someone likes RDU! 👀

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RDU is my home airport, also if you go on top of the parking deck you can see the whole airport.

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One of the best spots where I spot is by the end of 23L. I just park my car there and then walk lol. Maybe we might see each other?

The pics would be much better quality and attract more attention to this topic if it wasn’t screenshots from your Instagram 👀


Thanks for the advice. Will try it next time 👍

I’ll check it out

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I’ve flown to RDU once last year. It’s a really awesome airport! It’s pretty modern and offers a great selection of routes. Glad to see some spotting pictures from it.

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Thanks! Hopefully you can come back soon!

Nice shots! Those American A320s are actually A319’s. In the first picture it has winglets and AA A320’s don’t have winglets. In the second picture it only has one overwing exits, A320’s have two overwing exits.


I’ve got a friend who works for AA on the ramp at RDU

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Yeah I thought it was an A320 some A320’s have winglets

Cool! Maybe I will see them sometime…

Look I only started photography now. I’m not very good I’m sorry.

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