Raising the FreeCam Angle

The FreeCam View is what allows us to freely move throughout the Infinite Flight world to get those perfect screenshots.

Background Info

Please bear with me as I try to explain this as simply as possible. Currently, the free-cam view is perfect for trying to capture great shots from a distance or through the replay system. However, I, as well as others (I’m sure) use the free-cam angle to do preflight walkarounds of the aircraft to simulate real-life procedures for a flight. One thing I’ve noticed is that the camera sits very low to the ground, and I mean very, very low. It honestly feels like I’m an ant when I hit the ground with the camera and point it towards the aircraft.

The Proposal

I think that the development team should refine the camera view and make it sit a little higher off the ground—around six feet higher—in order to simulate a realistic looking preflight walk around. You might say “Kevin, why dont you just stop the camera wherever you want?” Trust me, it’s not as easy as it seems.

Why a Refined Height to the Free-Cam View?

If you’re still here, you’re probably wondering why this matters at all. Well, let me tell you. Currently in Infinite Flight, we don’t really have any buildings or terminals, so it can be easy for players to lose track of just how massive their aircraft are. One of the beauties of aviation is the fact that such big things can soar in the sky. None of the views currently really express just how big these aircraft are, and in my opinion, this cuts some of the joy of using the flight simulator. With the addition of this new height to the camera, people can see for themself where they would stand next to a 777 without having to actually go and stand next to one, since the camera would be around the same height as them. Also, it would make preflight walkarounds much easier.


This is the current height of the camera, which isn’t realistic at all if you’re actually piloting the aircraft. Like stated, I suggest having the minimum height of the camera raised to around the middle of the engine on the 737, which is probably an average height of a person.

Thank you for reading this long feature request, and I apologize if you don’t understand what I’m trying to say!

I like the thought behind the idea, but when filming or taking screenshots, being able to go as low as ground level opens up many new photo/video angle opportunities.

Something I would like to see IF try for a walk-around-type view is AR. This mode would be completely separate from starting/running a flight (i.e. the buttons on the home menu of IF say “Solo”, “Live”, and “AR”) and would allow you to place a scale model of your aircraft on any surface. You could also enlarge/shrink this model depending on how much space you have in your environment. Feel like this would be much more useful for IF walk-arounds than limiting the free cam.

I dont even use the free cam. It feels so heavy and I can never get a good angle with it. Idk how you use it very well

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I think your local Freecam Wizard can help you with that 😉


Okay, so…I know this was put here specifically to avoid this question, but, really, “Kevin, why dont you just stop the camera wherever you want?”

I’ve never had an issue getting the free cam where I want, whether it’s an overhead shot of the entire field when controlling or into the ground and on upward at any height I want.

As far as the angle, again, isn’t that something you can already control at will? You can have it level with the horizon, down, up, whatever.

I’ve read this several times and I’m still a tad confused as to what you can’t do with the free cam. Yes, sometimes you have to fidget more than others, but every angle is available. It’s truly “free” as far as I can tell.


It’s impossible to attempt a preflight inspection at the suggested camera height with the current freecam without either going too high or too low. Next time you’re sitting at the gate, try it. Especially with how slidey the current one is, you simply cannot maintain the camera at a certain height. Could you do the inspection by going around the aircraft without caring about the camera height? Yes. Does that defeat the purpose of what I’m asking for? Also yes.

Thats a good point actually… Not the camera part, but the part about losing a sense of size in IF. Thats a very real thing that bothers me.

Think of it this way, you fly the Freecam.

The left control moves left, right, forward and backward,

The right control rotates left right, up and down.

You combine these movements to do whatever you like with it.

Here’s a short video highlighting what you can do with touch enabled so you can see how the controls affect the “flight”.

The only improvement I can think of is to be able to slow the movements down. Here’s a preflight and you can see how it would have been easier if the movements weren’t so fast. So maybe a fast and slow option would be nice.


Thank for posting this Gary!

This is exactly what I was trying to convey in the feature request. In your video, you do the preflight inspection with the freecam all the way touching the ground, which isn’t realistic because pilots don’t crawl around the aircraft at that height. This is the same thing that happens to me when I do it. What I propose is a revamp of the height of the camera, so the minimum height it could be at is around half the height of the engine on the 737 as opposed to the ground, which gives you a sense of what it’s like to actually walk around the aircraft in real life.

Well, I think if you can already level it it’s not a problem.
For the minimum height, I’d say no because we could take pictures of aircraft while touching the ground.
Just my opinion.
Don’t forget to vote for your own request!

Remeber to vote for your own feature!

You can set the level to whatever height you want!

Some are at ground level because I wanted to look at the gear.

I raised up to look at the APU, so you can obviously set it to whatever height you want.

What if instead of modifying free cam, you leave it alone and then have a “walk around” camera. Kind of like the scenic cameras, where it would automatically do the walk around for you.

For controlling purposes, I would not want to see a change to the free cam.

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This isn’t required

This is probably the point that the community is trying to convey. Maybe a fast/slow option would be nice, but with the free cam, it’s free to go wherever, which means you can set it to whatever height you’d like.