Rainy Spotting at KPHX - 6/23/2021

Rainy Spotting at KPHX - 6/23/2021

Has it been almost a year since I’ve last created a topic? Yes… whoops.

In the past year, I’ve gone planespotting many airports, getting some very cool shots. Today I finally decided to showcase some of the photos I’ve taken.

In June last year, I had a long 7-hour layover in Phoenix, so I spent the time planespotting. I was looking forward to spotting at Phoenix, but of course, the day I flew in the city had a rare rainstorm. I didn’t let that get me down though and still managed to get some very cool shots.

Here is the location:
KPHX Spotting Location #1
KPHX Spotting Location #2

Enjoy the photos, and feedback is appreciated!

#1: One of the first shots of the day, a panning shot of an American A321.

#2: First time spotting this Southwest special, “Louisiana One”.

#3: An American 777-200ER taking off from KPHX, kicking up some water.

#4: A recently delivered United 737 MAX 9 contrasting with the wet background

#5: Another panning shot of a landing American 737-800 painted in the “OneWorld” livery.

#6: The next few are some of my favorites, the iconic bridges at KPHX. Here is one of them, a Southwest 737 MAX 8 that was also recently delivered.

#7: A JetBlue A320 that was recently repainted crossing over the same bridge.

#8: And finally, the very long Delta 757-300 arriving in from Detroit.

Favorite Photo
  • #1 - American A321
  • #2 - Southwest Louisiana One
  • #3 - American 777-200ER
  • #4 - United 737 MAX 9
  • #5 - American 737-800 OneWorld
  • #6 - Southwest 737 MAX 8
  • #7 - JetBlue A320
  • #8 - Delta 757-300

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Thank you for checking out my eleventh planespotting thread! Feel free to check out my other planespotting threads below if you’d like.

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Thanks again for checking out my thread! Again, I’d appreciate your feedback on my photos!

Have a good day and a happy new year! :)


I absolutely love the colors, especially on the bridge crossings! Beautiful!

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Awesome photos!

Flew on her in August. One of my favorite tails by far 🤩


Amazing spotting! I love the taxiway bridge shots!

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Thank you @MxP @MJP_27 @BlueThunder08 !


you surprisingly encountered a rare rainy day in Phoenix

great photos though!

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Of course it had to have rained the day I was there lol. Thanks! @AviationFreak

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