Rainy Night Flight Edit on IF

Time / Weather: 9.02pm, Rainy
Airlines: United Airlines
Callsign: UA735
Departing: KLAX
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Livery: United Star Alliance

I am not sure if this is the correct format of posts in the Screenshots and Videos category. Do correct me if I am wrong!

How is this edit? This is my first edit I have done, so tell me how I can improve it, thanks!

  • Looks great!
  • Looks okay, can be improved, though!
  • Needs to be improved!

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You should do lights on the ground next time. Just a suggestion because I would love to see that :)

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The rain is a bit too thick and covers too much of the plane: for more realism, remove some of the rain and draw each drop at a steeper slope since the aircraft is going at a fast, certain speed.


Would love to see a cockpit view

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I agree, but I can’t seem to find realistic rain transparent on Google :/

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@Miguel_Ortiz and @Airwolf Those are awesome ideas, and I will try to implement that in the future :)


Lights shining in the rain and significantly smaller rain would be more realistic.

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I think it should have smaller raindrops. But other than that, great photos!