Rainy Little Rock National Airport Spotting 9/22/18

Hello Community, today I went Spotting at my home airport of KLIT. We tried out a new Spotting spot which is the covered parking garage. All photos were taken with an IPhone 7S. Photos include:
Delta 1860/161 to and and from Atlanta
My buddies CRJ-700 which he flew in from Detroit
Maryland One SWA 737-700 from Dallas


This are some nice photos, nice job on giving a tiny airport some love.

Lucky you saw Maryland one and an MD-88!
Nice finds!

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I’ve seen the New Mexico One before at PHX

Thanks.! It’s my home airport so I go there often

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Maryland one was a surprise but md 88s are a common sight here


Great photos, live in LR too, never seen Maryland SWA livery here, nice to see great photos considering all the rain we’ve had these past two days 😂

Really.😂Dang we have to have a little rock meetup

Yeah, somehow never have made it to spot at LIT except if I’m traveling from there 😅

Throw a little zoom in there and I think you got yourself some banger photos! 👍

I took it with my iPhone 7S. It was all the way zoomed

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Haha. It’s a good place if you know the peak times. I’m surprised there’s so many people from LR here

I supposed it was on a phone. Not trying to say they are bad pictures. I use a freaking Ipad for crying outloud! I think that is the biggest barrier for people to take really good photos of aircraft is that you just cant get close 90% of the time. Which means there is a really big cost in getting lenses and the like…

It was on a phone. It’s in the post… if you look at my other posts I’ve gotten a lot closer to the airplanes. Unfortunately that runway is closed again so there’s no traffic on it.

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Those are really nice pictures! I was actually on Maryland One back on July 14 KSJC-KPDX! :D

Nice to be able to see her again!


Nice images. Perhaps you should take some more photos? 😉

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