Rainy day spotting at KHPN (5/25/17)

Hey guys, so today I went over to the KHPN (Westchester County) airport to spot for about and hour and a half. I spotted at the observation deck, which is a key place to spot for any avgeek, but it was a downside that the weather was so bad today, anyway, I got a wide variety of aircraft. I hope you enjoy!

N465?? at the NetJets hangar, preparing for taxi on alpha.

This also isn’t owned by NetJets, I believe

N48MF, a Dassault Falcon 2000, slowing down on Runway 34.

N281JB, an Embraer 190 at gate A3 de-boarding from West Palm Beach

N48MF on taxiway alpha to the ramp


N137EV, or ExpressJet 5141, (a beautiful CRJ-900 not to mention) pushing and starting on taxiway Alpha for it’s departure to ATL

N1881Q, a Dassault Falcon 20, departing runway 16 for Bedford

Acey 3851 slowing down from ORD


Lady In Blue Taxiing to 16 via alpha for a late departure to PBI

PSA 5104 making a 180 (instead of pushing back) taxiing to who knows where

N335VJ departing 16 after fighting a nice crosswind right after they left the ground

Bad picture of Lady In Blue departing 16 very late en-route to PBI (take me with you!)

N145QS (NetJets) taxiing on A to the ramp after arriving from Teterboro

N900CC, a Gulfstream 5 taxiing to parking from ?

Comms tower at Westchester!

Thanks for taking the time to look at these pictures, I really hope you enjoy them, and I’ll make sure to upload the pictures I get from the Bethpage Airshow this weekend!

Again, I apologize about the fogginess of some of the pictures, at some points the rain was really coming down so the shots didn’t come out nearly as well as I wanted them to… :/

EDIT: I’m also looking to get a new camera/lens for spotting, so tips and recommendations are appreciated :).


Those CRJs in American Eagle and Delta liveries are really beautiful. Not to mention JBU’s E195 😉

Awesome shots Kevin! ❤


Great photos! Especially love the American CRJ 700 & the JetBlue A320. Sucks that it was foggy that day. The pictures wouldve stood out 10X better in a clear day ;) still great though


Thanks George! They are truly gorgeous planes!


Thanks Kev, I would’ve caught the Jetblue A-320 in the Fly-Fi livery had it not been delayed. Again, sorry for the bad quality, but I come at least 3x a month, so I’ll get some better ones :).


O lol, thats a ERJ 190 not an A320. Thought that was an a320 lol ;)


That Delta CRJ is beautiful! Lovely pictures you have!


Thanks! The delta scheme on the CRJ’s are amazing!


Isn’t this the airport that Norwegian is beginning service at in November?

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That’s SWF (Newburgh). I wish though.

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Sorry for the bump, but I just created an Instagram, which can be found here. I’m going to try and post a lot of my pictures there that I don’t post here, so maybe you can consider following. Thanks :)

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