Rainy Canberra spotting @YSCB

Today, I heard that an United 789 from Houston to Sydney had diverted to Canberra due to weather. I went spotting with a guy I met earlier that day. While waiting for the star of the day, I saw every single aircraft that regularly operates to Canberra except Qantas Dash-8 and Jetstar A320, that I saw from the car earlier. Today has been a rainy day. Luckily it wasn’t bad at that time.
Location: Canberra airport on top of a carpark next to rwy 35
Equipment: iPhone SE 3rd gen 😅

First up is a Pelican airways Jetstream 32 headed to Newcastle. Pelican operates to Newcastle and Port Macquarie from Canberra.

Next up is a Qantas 738 to Brisbane. We get these a lot in Canberra.

Third one is a REX 738 heading to Melbourne. I think the livery looks good and I’m glad that it came to IF!

Right behind REX was a Link Saab 340 doing a short hop to Sydney. Link belongs to Virgin Australia. Sorry for the quality!

Next one is a Qantas DC-9…717 heading to Melbourne. These are rare around the world but not in Canberra. The engine sound on that thing was really cool on takeoff!

Last one before the special of the day is a Virgin 738 to guess where. Yes, Melbourne.

Now, the special of the day. A very rare sight in Canberra. A United 789 headed to Sydney.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to give feedback, and yes I know I should get a camera.

Have a wonderful day!


Looks like the quality is horrible on the 717 as well😢

Not bad pictures for a phone camera ;) I’m surprised you’re able to be that close to the planes in the first place, they all look stunning tho.


I was surprised as well but I’m not complaining ;)

To be honest you caused me to rush and take in the laundry:)

But although overcast, there’s been little sign of rain or wind. So I googled it, and is this the reason I wonder?: Sydney airport evacuated over smoke in control tower | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site

Separately, but also connected, nice photos! It looks like you were in the right place at the right time to capture the rarity of that United flight!

And I like the 717 photo, as it breathes life into IF’s QantasLink 717, which I haven’t seen before irl.

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Ancient aircraft…marvelling at United Airlines using 787 to fly YBCS.

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Nice photos! Also, @Berlin_N what do you mean by marvelling at UAL and Anicent aircraft?

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For the 717, using an exaggeration.Perhaps I was less knowledgeable and I had little memory of the YBCS.

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Oh it’s YCSB not YBCS, sorry for the mistake🙀

Actually it is YSCB, not YCSB ^^

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“Services restored at Sydney Airport after tower evacuated”

“An Air Services Australia spokesperson told 9News the incident was sparked due to a gas leak…Fumes are believed to have spread through the air conditioning.”

“Two international United Airlines flights were diverted during the incident, with one aircraft sent to Brisbane and the other to Canberra.”

Sydney Airport: Services restored at Sydney Airport after tower evacuated (9news.com.au)


Interesting!I haven’t hears of that before. All I got told that it was weather but that could’ve also been the reason.


Edit: I didn’t read your latest post😅 Thanks for the information

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Some initially reported it as a fire in the control tower. Maybe inclined to overeact becuase only 3 years ago a similar shutdown from smoke in the control tower: Sydney airport fire: Control tower evacuated, planes grounded, flights delayed after smoke detected (smh.com.au)
Either way, the last thing you need is ATC intoxicated by gas fumes.:)

I hadn’t heard this before.

Good timing on the 787!

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YBCS is Cairns airport


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