RAINFALL in Iceland BIKF Keflavik Airport | Plane Spotting Video

Rainy Plane Spotting in Keflavik Airport BIKF | Expert Server

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Hello everyone! I’m more than excited to release another video with rain effects! Many of you asked for it after the LHR video! BIKF Keflavik airport is one of the newest addition with the 21.5 update and as a winter lover i couldnt’t miss having a plane spotting session there! Traffic was so unexpected and i can’t thank you enough for the love! I hope you enjoy this session and see you all flying again on my next one! Cheers!

Special thanks to @AF-KLM_VA for coming in in 2 separate group flights! I wish i could add all of you in the video

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YESSS ! Nice, I’ll watch it RN 🔥

(First btw)

=> 3:16 ✨, @Sam_D206 @Champloo @MADCAT @easyWig not my best bcz of lags but at least there’s an easy A320 t/o ✨👀


Yes I made it! Can’t wait to watch!

Yay it’s here, so happyyyyyy

Wow, that go around really made it seem like it was storming like crazy. Good job!

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How am I able to be in one of the vids?

He used create open calls spotting topic with suggested routes or you can suggest yours.
The time of the 2 slots when he will record will be given , you just need to go there on time ^^


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Look in the events category for an “open call” planespotting topic. The next one you can be in is at LIPZ.


Alright thanks!

Thanks man!!

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just WOW! I’ve seen your other vids too, I think this was the best!

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Every new vid that he posts is the best tho 😭


Ah yes,

GE90 sounds for a 757
A320 sounds for a 787.

If you have a sound library for every engine feel free to share it. It’s impossible to find exact sounds for all kinds of engines and to make it also mach the angle and the position of the camera. I add sounds to mach and interact with footage based on where the camera “stands”.


Thanks guys for the feedback! I get loads of motivation from all of you 🙏


Yet another FANTASTIC video @Kostas_K!! It’s mind blowing how you manage to make your videos feel so realistic! Keep up the great work! :)

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Stunning video!

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My first time watching one of your videos and that’s some terrific editing, awesome job, maybe I’ll sign up for one of your open call events sooner or later!

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Fantastic video!

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Please don’t say that,it’s not easy to find the exact sounds everytime,look at the other parts of the video I haven’t watched the video yet,but I’m damn sure that it’s gonna be amazing,your content is amazing! @Kostas_K

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