Raindrop Buildup on Windshield

It would be really cool to have this feature, so it could fog your vision. Would make the rain feature a little more realistic (when it comes).


And if we add rain buildup, it would make more use of this feature. :)

And hopefully, when we have cabin views with actual windows, we can even have the buildup effect on the windows!


Good idea but it would be very performance demanding. :)


As well as it will also have to be raining.


Is that x-plane

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Not sure, but if it is, then I need to get XPlane immediately…


I’ll see now

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Rain drop?

Drop top

I’m sorry, back on topic :/


I really love you for this.

Honestly, that song is one of the first things I thought about while creating this topic. 😂


LOL it is but stay in IF :p


Not the mobile version could also vatsim

VATSIM isn’t a flight simulator it is a server used for PC flight simulators. Please stay on topic.

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That is totally unrealistic to be spending time on. Rain buildup would only occur on ground, and again - this isn’t a taxiing simulator… :P

oh and @Fynn as Riley said, VATSIM isn’t a simulator… :)

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Well you learn something new every day I even tried looking for it on steam once

Maybe its time for IF to release a game console like device.

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Bumping this, would love to see some rain! Put those CRJ wipers to good use!

If that was added then most of the planes would need rework to get wipers attached.

I would vote on the existing rain and storms topic. Precipitation and storms it has more votes. No need for two precipitation requests.

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