Rainbow line around the plane

Hey everyone, so a few minutes ago, I was playing Infinite Flight, and while I was over Ireland, this came up out of nowhere

Device: IPad Mini 2
iOS: current (IDK the number)
Version of Infinite Flight: current (Also don’t know the number)

Going to try reinstall after the flight.

Did you try changing the time of day to see if that got rid of the rainbow streak?

Just did, at noon, it’s fine, at night, there is a rainbow streak.

Hello 👋!
Try deleting and reinstalling the app. That should fix the problem.

Experienced this also, I have deleted and reinstalled the app but to no avail did it fix it. I do believe though since of the sun and moon cycles of rising and falling causes different lighting on the horizon which causes that streak when reproduced digitally. I also did some experiments and found when the moon is full or almost full the rainbow isn’t there only when it is gone or very minimal.

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To add on, I have this too, and it’s pretty much a natural occurrence within the sim.

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I had that when I was flying in a Lufthansa A320 and a Japan Airlines MD-11.

Thanks @Daniel14, I see that the line is slowly disappearing.

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