Rain + Plane =

Hello everyone!

It’s not often that SoCal gets rain, so what better way to spend a rainy Saturday morning than to go spotting. Despite the poor weather, LAX was still bustling with a lot of activity including several special liveries.

Enjoy the photos!

Tom Bradley Terminal was starting to fill up from all the morning flights

First catch of the day was a special one. Southwest “Freedom One” 737-800 heading to Phoenix

ANA 787-9 arriving from Tokyo Narita

United 737-900 off to Cancun

Cathay Pacific 747-8F to Anchorage

Alaska “Go Cougars” E175 to Bozeman

American “TWA Heritage” 737-800

Delta A330-900Neo taking off on 7R heading to Tokyo Haneda

China Eastern Cargo arriving from Shanghai

Thanks for viewing


Great shots, the contrast is noice



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Rain+Plane= awesomeness by the butter mower.

Thank you

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With which camera are you taking your nice pictures

Nikon Z7 with 24-70mm lens

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Cool 😎 pics. :)

Rain + Plane = A very wet camera and crap on my lens.

In all seriousness, nice shots!

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What iso were these photos shot at? I thought the z7 would have less grain


Yes, that is what I also experienced 😂

ISO-A 100 I believe

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Looks like a lot of post sharpness gain.


D u s t

Definitely need to look into a longer range lens @Butter575 , some great photos hampered only by the fact you’re have so little range to work with

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Yeah, forgot to clean before heading out

Haven’t started to yet, but I am hoping to soon

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I think that’s probably the rain lol

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nice shots

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It was heavy rain for most of the duration while I was there


Cropping missing? Your photos aren’t bad, try to crop them, I assure it’ll look better. I mean, not only this one, most of them

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This was the original photo

you need a lens cleaning xd

Yeah I said above I forgot to clean before heading to LAX

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