Rain? I Don’t Notice It, I’m Busy Spotting!


So as some of you may know, I’m currently on a trip to Surfside Beach, SC. And while I’m disappointed there’s no airport here, it’s only a short drive to Myrtle Beach International, also known as KMYR. The former Air Force base is now a public airport, but they have a place called the Warbird Park on the edge of the airport to honor the airports military past. Now, I went to the Warbird Park, but that’s not all. I also went plane (and helicopter) spotting from the park too! The bad part, it was really cloudy and it was raining, plus it was evening so the lighting wasn’t too good. But with some editing I think I managed to save some of them. Plus, I forgot a real camera, so the quality might not be the best, sorry in advance. So I assume you came here to see some plane photos, well you can see them now!

In October of 1977, the 354th Tactical Fighter Wing was the first to active fill combat readiness with the A-10 Thunderbolt II “Warthog.” And this was one of the Aircraft in the 354th Fighter Wing, now on display at its home base of Myrtle Beach.

Next up, an F-100D, which is also part of the Warbird Park. It was really raining at the time of taking this photo, but I think it still turned out well.

The final aircraft in the Warbird Park, this A-7D is also part of the 354th Tactical Fighter Squadron and is now at it’s home in the park. I feel like the rain gives something to this photo, but I can’t find the word to describe that.

Not much to say here, except that this aircraft nose showcases nose art from multiple aircraft. I couldn’t find much info on this part of the park, but it’s still really cool.

You thought you’d get away with just Warbirds, didn’t ya? Well you’re mistaken, because I spotted some airliners too! This Spirit A320 is outbound to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Too bad I forgot to bring a real camera, cause this could’ve been great. 😕

Next up, a Boeing 717 for Delta Airlines, this one is outbound to KATL. My personal favorite aircraft of the day, but the photo didn’t turn out too well. I feel like the tree gives more to the photo, so that’s why it’s there.

Congrats, you’ve found an American Airlines A319! I feel as if this is the best of the airliner photos, but not even close the the best I got on this trip. Plus, after ages, it finally stopped raining!

Last but not least, we have a Piper Super Cub flying banners along the coast. I didn’t spot this Cub form the airport, I spotted it from the beach definitely not a flex 😛. I’ve been seeing these banner-carrying GA planes all around while I’ve been here. (I blurred out the advertisement this plane was carrying).

Welp, looks like you’ve reached the end! Thank you so much for stopping by! I may or may not make a part 2, it depends on if I go out to the airport again or not, and if I do, I hope it’s not raining. Either way, it’s been great seeing so many planes around here, and I’d love some feedback if you have any. Have a great day, IFC!

Also, if you forget to bring a real camera, it’s not the end of the world. 😉


Amazing pics! That last one is stunning!

Keep it up!

Out of likes, but here is one from my heart :)

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Thank you so much, @Robertine!


i like that one labeled “dawg” in the first photo


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Thanks! That A-10 was part of the first fully-operational A-10 fighter wing.

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Those photos are amazing!

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Thank a lot, @MJP_27!

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What camera did you use


Wait. I think I spotted that Spirit A320 on FR24.😳


Lucky. It hasn’t rained here since May.

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Dang, hope you get some rain soon, @KGJT-9149. 😬

@anon36731834, I used a Samsung S7 Camera. Like I said, I forgot to bring a real camera on my trip. 😂

First off, charge your phone, @Alec! Second, are you sure? I was spotting on the 23rd, but it could be the same plane. 🤔


Awesome pics! I’m going to Rhode Island this week, so look out for some Providence spotting from me :) hope you enjoyed your vacation!

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Thank you! I’ve really enjoyed it here. Have fun in Rhode Island!

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That A10! 😍

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awesome pics i liked the a320 a lot since in Tampa airport i mostly see 737 and its really cool to see you catch a pic of the Piper Super Cub flying and is it me or is it common to see planes with banners on the beaches of Florida
and also stay safe ✈

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Thanks so muchM @Andres_Camargo! Glad you enjoyed the A320! I’ve been seeing banner aircraft almost every day while I’ve been here, Super Cubs, AT-602’s, and more. So it’s not just you. 😉

Welcome to the community!

@Captain_Ry, thank you! I liked the A-10 as well, one of my favorites.

thank you I was just playing infinite flight but I joined the community because I wanted to talk about airplanes and aviation with people because I’m an outcast out of all of my family because they like other stuff but nobody like aviation but me so I get lonely and I also wanted to join because I wanted to get over my fear of a community because I thought there will be mean and hurtful people here but everybody is nice here so it gave me a boost of confidence

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Glad to hear you’re enjoying it here! The community is really a great place, and I’m glad that you’ve found a place to just talk about planes and aviation. 😁

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