Raihan_Yudanto's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ WADD [1250Z - 1400Z)

Hey guys my name is raihan, i’m from semarang indonesia. I’m creating ATC Tracking Thread because i’m interested to join IFATC. I will open some airport and i will announce it here. I hope you can come and give me feedbacks:)



  • Runway in use : 20R 20C
  • Pattern is allowed
  • open only 1 hour
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Hey, I’m gonna be here for a few patterns!

Thank you for coming🙏

Thank you.

  • When I requested pushback, you do not need to add “Expect Runway 20C”, except when you need a smooth traffic flow. There were only 2~3 aircrafts at that time, so you don’t need it ;)

  • The Immediate takeoff command wasn’t necessary - the aircraft on approach was 12NM away.

  • When I changed to full stop, you do not need to give me another clearance, since I was already cleared for the option. The message I sent was also unnecessary, so you were supposed to send “You are already cleared to land, avoid sending duplicate messages” (Something like that)

Other than that, all good! Good luck in IFATC!

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Thanks for the feedback, i will try my best again for the future, thank you😁🙏


  • Runway in use : 34L and 34R
  • Pattern is allowed
    Open only 1 hour

Note : im sorry for slow response


  • Runway in use : 10
  • Pattern is allowed
  • Open only 2 hour


I was M-01 just now :)

  1. 1400Z: As I called inbound, you only gave me a sequence and clearance, but not my initial pattern entry.
    For all inbound aircraft (without radar), the minimum is to issue a pattern entry, followed by a sequence if necessary, and a landing/t&g clearance.

  2. 1400Z: As PK-027 called in with “…final, touch and go”. you should reply with “already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports”.

  3. 1402Z: Your clearance to PK-027 was wrong. Aircraft remaining in the pattern do not need a direction after clearing them for the option, and they will assume the direction they previously took when they first took off. For him, it would have been naturally left traffic.

  4. 1404Z: As I slowed to exit the runway, the “runway exit” command was not given to me.

  5. 1405Z: As I requested for a frequency change, you replied with “frequency change approved”, and not the ground frequency.

  6. 1405Z: You instructed PK-032 to give way to me, which was unnecessary.

  7. 1405Z: You instructed PK-032 to “say intentions”, which was again, unnecessary.

Otherwise, generally okay :)
Go through the handbook a few times and you’ll be gold!

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Hi mr Mark, thank you for coming to my atc and thanks a lot for the feedback, i will try my best for future, btw im sorry about number 6 and 7 that was wrong Press😅🙏

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Hey there! Your currently not open at WARR. I changed your title to closed. Remember to change it when you close.

Oh no i forgot to change it, im sorry😅🙏

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  • Runway in use : 07L 07R
  • Pattern runway : 07R
  • Inbound /outbound runway : 07L
  • Pattern is allowed
  • open only 2 hour

I’m Logging In Right Now :)
Callsign:Indonesia 2804

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Thanks for coming:)

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The only thing is you also need to give attention that are taxiing on the ground. During my taxi I almost collide with Wagon Air 730 (A320), at that time you should make a progressive taxi instructions such as told me or Wagon Air 730 to “Give way to aircraft ahead” therefore we don’t collide with each other. Apart from that it was nice, and good luck with your IFATC application. Thanks for your service.

-NFG Daniel

Thank you for the feedback, i will learn more about taxi instructions😊🙏

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JFK i highly do not recommend if your going to control a large airport do KBOS or KDEN

I just close it😅

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• Runway in use : 25R 25L
• Pattern is allowed

  • open only 1 hour