RAHHHH (Wings Over Solano 2024!)

HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome to my photo compilation from the Wings Over Solano Airshow day 2 at Travis Air Force Base!

This was by far the best airshow I had been to in my life. Stacked with legendary aircraft!

Starting off quite solemnly. This airshow featured the legendary KC-10A Extender, with the last KC-10 team in the world left at Travis! The plane did a beautiful yet sad farewell flight over the airbase multiple times. Sad to see this old girl go in the fall. Glad I saw it for the first, and probably also last time!

Moving on, one of the few planes that was on my bucket list to see! The “deadliest plane in the world” the F-22 RAPTOR! RAHHHHHHHHHH. This plane far exceeded my expectations, doing maneuvers that nearly broke the laws of physics.

The headliner of the airshow, the US Navy Blue Angels! Here is Blue Angel #5 doing a low pass near the crowd. Surprised there was vapor, the air was quite dry and warm!

The Blue Angel’s large HC-130J Hercules nicknamed “Fat Albert” taxiing after doing a demonstration. Props to the guy holding the American flag outside the plane! Really adds to the photo.

A beautiful sight. Two rival Eastern and Western fighters. The Soviet MiG-17 and the American T-33!

“The Heritage Flight”. 57 years of innovation showcased in this incredibly rare demonstration with an F-22 Raptor and a P-51 Mustang!

The beautiful A-10 Thunderbolt II on static display!

A plane I have never heard of before. This Grumman E-2 Hawkeye! This was had a cool special livery featuring an American flag and an eagle.

An incredibly rare sight! A U-2 Dragon Lady. It is a very unique shape.

And last, but certainly not least, we have a workhorse for the Air Force. The gorgeous KC-135R Stratotanker! Really cool to see a modified, yet still recognizable Boeing 707 still in operation!

Tell me which shot you liked best!

  • 1 (KC-10A Extender)
  • 2 (F-22 Raptor)
  • 3 (Blue Angel #5)
  • 4 (Fat Albert)
  • 5 (MiG-17 and T-33)
  • 6 (“The Heritage Flight”)
  • 7 (A-10 Thunderbolt II)
  • 8 (E-2 Hawkeye)
  • 9 (U-2 Dragon Lady)
  • 10 (KC-135R Stratotanker)
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Thank you all for viewing and reading!


Cool little fact I remembered the other day: The USAF has more KC-135s in active service than Southwest has 737-800s. By almost double.


RAHHHH 🇺🇸🦅 military industrial complex


Great shots as always, im loving that f22 one

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I like the Mig and trainer

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wow! that’s really interesting!

Rahhhhhh! Amazing stuff.

Thank you!

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Thank you!!

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Appreciate the feedback everyone!

Amazing shots! That formation with the MiG-17 and T-33 is gorgeous.

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Thank you! It really is a beautiful sight.

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