RagonDragon’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

Hello everyone this is my first tracking thread and I thought i’d open up at Tucson and work on some pattern work and arrivals. Feedback is appreciated. Hope you’ll join me!

Airport: KTUS
Frequencies: Ground and Tower
Runways In Use:11L
Working on: Pattern Work and Arrival


Be there in 5

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Closing in 10 minutes

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to make it sorry, tag me next time

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Alright sounds good i’ll close now

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Tag me too if you’d like 🤣.

Alright thanks everyone will do 😂

Frequencies: Ground and Tower
Runways In Use: 8R & 4
Working on: Pattern Work And Arrival

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How long are you staying open?

Depends probably like 15-20 minutes

Alright, just finishing up a flight. I will be along as soon as I can.

Sounds good have a good landing!!

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On my way.

Hey sorry i had to go but i’ll be back in a bit same airport

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Feedback from Z-OOM:

  • Transition altitude was too low, I was given 5,000. The common formula for transition altitude is airport elevation rounded to next 500ft +2500 which in this case would be 6500 (3958 → 4000 + 2500 = 6,500ft)
  • the pattern entry was correct 👍

I’d recommend watching this video The Perfect ATC Test - YouTube to gain a bit of an insight as to how local training will work in IFATC and some of the procedures, how they work and why. I’d also recommend looking through the IFATC manual Introduction | Infinite Flight and looking through the different procedures. One last thing, whilst KELP is alright for training, there are far better airports to do training sessions at, I’ll list a few here:

  • RODN
  • EDDP
  • KFAT
  • KLCK
  • LIPZ
    Just to name a few. I’d recommend doing further sessions at these airports or other non busy parallel runway airports.
    See you next time
    Jordan - GolfZuluZulu

Feel free to tag me on your next run!

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Frequencies: Ground and Tower
Runways In Use: 29L & 29R
Working on: Pattern Work And Arrival
@GolfZuluZulu @United403 @sutterseba @aviation_31 @Fourthnebula919

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