Rafale Up Close at LFPM

Hello, IFC

I have a bit of time on my hands right now so why not go through some pictures and make a spotting topic?

These were taken in late summer at LFPM (Melun Villaroche) airport.
This is a Rafale M of the French military waiting at a stand a few minutes before departure.

I hope you like them!

Thanks for viewing!




Few words can justify these photos - they are spectacular. The quality is beyond top-notch and the way you’ve captured the smallest details such as the reflection of the cockpit canopy shows real talent.

Out of curiosity, what camera did you use to take these?

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Thank you very much!

These were shot with a Canon 80D and a 75-300mm standard lens

Glad you like them :)

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No wonder they are so good. That lens…

Top-notch equipment rewards with top-notch photographs!

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Haha and a top notch ruined sleep schedule after spending all my free time editing my month-old pictures πŸ™ƒ

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Very cool jets, and nice shots

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Lovey shots Robertine!

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Thanks a lot :)

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Another Robertine Stunner 😍😍😍

Absolutely fantastic

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