Rafale C-01

Rafale + Black livery + first rafale without radar trace = Rafale C01
image Dossier "Rafale" : les modèles C ...
IF the rafale is implemented one day, please add it :)
A really cool French fighter ;))


Love these things. One of the toughest enemies in HAWX.

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not my photo :)

No please no. Not a fan of military aircraft. Just my opinion

Was this aircraft in the RAF Museum of Hendon?

Did you just assume it’s gender? TRIGGERED

I think it’s nice to see some jets that aren’t owned by America.

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I apologize for being pedantic, but aircraft are referred to as “her” and “she”. That’s the proper gendered description for aircraft and ocean-going vessels.

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Did you just assume the aircraft’s gender?!

In all seriousness, aircraft and ships are machines, they don’t have genders and are referred by the “it”.

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That is indeed the technically correct term, but ocean going vessels have been referred to as “her” for quite a long time. The same thing goes for planes people have a special attachment to. My former history teacher refers to countries as “her” as well.

It depends on the personification of the country, for example Germany’s personification is Germania.

military + tanks(fuel) = patroler

You are not clear to enter this airspace, please follow me for exit !

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That’s what I said too! Riot!