RafaelPadilla's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I’m Rafael. I make this thread to train myself.

Please give me some suggestions to improve myself.
I want apply for IFATC.


Thanks for simulating ATC with me. You were a good controller and will not face issues during your application for IFATC

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Departing 10L
Landing 10R


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I will try to attend.

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Visit this link to have the full details.


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Well … You are not far, but several things need to be fixed.

  • After I made a transition, I asked for inbound touch and go, but you just sequenced me, didn’t give me a command to enter the circuit, the right command would be: Enter left downwind 10L, number 2, traffic to follow is on left base .

  • When I entered the left downwind, a plane (PK1868) was on my side, at an altitude that was not safe. When PK1868 hit the ground and launched, you should have sent the command extend upwind, so that he would extend upwind and not break the separation, which on the Expert Server would lead to a ghost.

  • When you wanted me to turn the base, the right command would not be enter left base Runway 10L, but turn base, which is found in pattern instructions. Use enter left base on circuits only when an airplane is going to enter the circuit or to make a runway change.

  • It was my first touch and go, and you didn’t tell me which way I had to go. Just sent AP154, number 1, Runway 10L, Cleared for the option. The right command would be number 1, runway 10L, cleared for the option, after the option, make left / right traffic. This the first time I go to touch and go, the next time you just send cleared for the option, because I’ll already know which side I have to make the traffic.

  • I asked for a change of track for the 10R and you did everything right, but you made the same mistake. He sent cleared for the option without telling me which side of the traffic I should follow. With each change of track you must send the side that the pilot must follow after touch and go.

I suggest you read and study the IFATC Manual a lot and watch Tyler’s videos on Youtube.

Hope this helps :)


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be practicing.
Thx for coming!

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Good luck!

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Hi @RafaelPadilla, I was PK1868 in your recent session at KFLL.

First off, thank you for controlling and for seeking to improve your skills in the hopes of becoming an IFATC officer.

As always, these points are intended solely as constructive criticism to help you learn; every IFATC controller has made mistakes and they all had to start somewhere.

  1. When I taxied to runway 10R on ground frequency and requested a frequency change, you should have given me the “You were already instructed to change frequency” command. I know that sometimes in an airport with little traffic its easier to just approve the freq change, but when you control busier airspaces, you don’t want pilots constantly asking to change freq when the original taxi instruction approves such freq change.

  2. You also had some difficulty controlling the pattern. While it is the responsibility of the pilots in the pattern to maintain visual separation, you need to tell each pilot where their place in line is. The best way to do this is to issue the sequencing command quickly (about when they turn from crosswind to downwind) and then follow that by issuing the clearance to land; if anything causes that sequence to change, you only need to issue a re-sequence, not another clearance.

In furtherance of the importance of this point, I intentionally cut off AP154 (sorry @Arthur!) because you made a mistake in the sequencing. You sequenced him #3, and failed to give me a sequence, since there were only 3 planes in the pattern, I took the #2 spot. Then, when you realized your mistake, you sequenced AP154 at #2, and, as I was starting to roll a right turn to get behind AP154 you gave the “I’ll call your base” command. This was not the right command as it forced AP154 and I to get dangerously close because I was forced to continue downwind. The right command in that situation would have been to request a left/right 360 for spacing. I hated doing that to you and to @arthur, but I did it in order to show you how quickly things can get messy when your pattern intructions, sequencing, and clearances are not smooth.

  1. I noticed that you waited to clear pilots to land until they were number 1. This puts an immense work load on you when you have a busy airspace. Like I said above, and as the tutorials state, don’t hold back the clearances. Once the aircraft is in stable flight (usually as they’re turning into the downwind), give the sequence (“PK1868, Number 3, traffic to follow is on left downwind”), once they confirm their sequence, issue the clearance (“PK1868, Runway 10L, number 3, cleared to land”). At that point, you are done with me until after I perform the touch and go, unless someone new enters or leaves the pattern, in which case, you ONLY need to re-sequence, not re-clear.

  2. I also noticed that you forgot to include an “after the option, make left/right traffic” command with several aircraft that were entering the pattern or changing runways. Make sure you do this so the pilot knows which way to turn after takeoff.

  3. Your transition instructions with AP154 and myself were good :)

  4. This last one is more of a general word of advice rather than feedback related to anything in particular that you did. Avoid “over-controlling” in using the “I’ll call your base” “extend upwind” or other pattern controls when they are not needed. Sure, you could have used the extend upwind command to create spacing, as @Arthur suggests in his second bullet point, but then you need to keep an eye to see if I extend too much or too little. If, instead, you had simply said “PK1868, number 3, traffic to follow is on left downwind,” that situation would have never happened. It is always the pilots responsibility to maintain separation, not ATC’s. If you issue a sequencing and I am too close for comfort while on downwind or base, issue a left/right 360 command; if I’m on final and you see that I am going to touch down before the prior aircraft is in the air, simply issue a go-around.

Overall, keep practicing, and watch those tutorials on youtube, they are very helpful for visualizing some of the things I’ve said here.


Thank you so much for the feedback

KFLL / Training Server
Runways in use 10R/10L


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KDFW - Training Server feel free and practice!