RAF100 celebrations @ EGVN- 301000ZJUNE18

Hello all,

2018 marks 100 years of the Royal Air Force. So to celebrate that, I am going to be doing lots of events at various places across the UK and the world (mostly overseas RAF bases). From now until the end of September, I plan to host 20 events at various locations.

The next event will be the: RAF Brize Norton Fly In

Event date: Saturday 30th June
Event Start: 1000Z

Come down to RAF Brize Norton, the international gateway for the RAF, their busiest base. Come down and make this base as busy as possible!

Regarding the other events, below is a full list of the events:

_1) Abingdon Air Fete (6th May)_ (Done)

2) Duxford Air Festival ( 26th -27th May)

3) RAF Cosford Air Show ( 9th June)

  1. RAF Brize Norton fly in (30th June)
  2. RAF Coningsby fly in (7th July)
  3. RAF100 Flypast (8th July)
  4. Royal International Air Tattoo (27th - 29th July)®
    Korean Airlines (static)
  • A380

  • 747-8

  • 737-900

  1. Farnborough International Airshow ( 30th July - 5th August)®
    Korean Airlines (Static)
  • 747-8

  • 737-900

  1. Biggin Hill Festival of Flight (16th -19th August)
  2. Dunsfold wings and wheels (25-26th August)
  3. Bournemouth Air Festival (30th August - 2nd September)
  4. RAF Gibraltar Fly in (8th September)
  5. RAF Base Tour (9th September)
    14th) RAF Mount Pleasant Fly Out (14th September)
    15)RAF100 MCAS Beaufort Fly in (15th September)
  6. RAF Akrotiri Airshow (16th September)
  7. RAF Remembrance flypast (21st September)
  8. Spitfire Celebration (22nd September)
  9. RAF Jet powered Flight (23rd September)
  10. RAF100 Finale (29th -30th September)

® = Farnborough International Airshow & The Royal International Air Tattoo moved to different dates then the real shows so they don’t clash, as I suspect many people including myself will be attending them.

Hope to see lots of people at these events!


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Thanks for making this!

I can assure you Infinite Airlines Virtual will be in heavy attendance!

Happy RAF100’ing

Callum5124 (CEO of IAV)

PS: May i request you add ICAO Codes please!

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I may get a group together to do a “Tiger 9” Flyby


We will be using no other than the Super Decathlon! :P

It would be a fly-in from another airport and then do a normal flyby (Like seen above) and then have another pass where we all break off from eachother and then land at Abingdon


They are indeed Tiger Moths :)


Happy to be able to sponsor you and lend a hand!

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Willing to be apart of a display! Why not! I’ve actually seen the RAF Wales show before and it’s amazing.

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It’s a little bit of a struggle but we take the bus into Swansea. Anyway, probably the Swansea one, along with the Akrotiri definitely! I’ll do Farnborough one too. Thanks!

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Great, thanks! See you there!

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This event is coming up quickly! Let’s get more pilots!

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you might want to have a Spit there. I will fly in at Abingdon.


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Time schedule was in ZULU??

As active CEO and cheif demonstration pilot for the F16 viper demo team at Osean Air Defense Force, I would like to apply our demo to your Duxford event as part of our European tour. We will be flying in 2x F16C fighting falcons, however only one will be flying the demonstration. We would love to attend, not only to display the F16C to our international spectators, but to demonstrate the cooperation between the United States Air Force and the Royal Air Force.

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Roger thanks. I didn’t see it at first but I see it now 😂

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I’m practicing right now

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Can i come watch the airshow today?

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I will be in an f22 i can act as a static display if need be

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Sure is there a certain apron for static displays
or can i still load in where ever i want?

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Can i fly the spit? Please? Its been my childhood crush

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Thx, will do wilco roger cya

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